Work, play and collaborate  
in your virtual office

Reinvent the interactions within your teams
regardless of where you are

Used by remote, hybrid and DISTRIBUTED companies worldwide
Kosy Office

The perfect balance between being connected and productive

An easy and natural way to stay connected with your teams both for work and social

An environment for teams to connect, regardless of where they are

Design an office that works for you, at a glance see who's online and engage with them in real-time

go beyond working together

Reignite your company culture with the right mix of professional and social activities

Our Clients

Hear what our clients say!

Don’t take our word for it, take theirs. Discover how Kosy has helped many companies worldwide.

“We tried all virtual office solutions out there and Kosy was by far the most powerful and intuitive. We use Kosy daily!”

Don Pasacola

“There is something about sitting around the table and seeing the face that makes the vibe feel like an office unlike going in on zoom. And it's simple and straightforward to use.”

Justin Lee

“We use Kosy for our departmental digital transformation where we need to coordinate with people across various departments and external consultants. Kosy provides us a common virtual office where everyone contributing to the project can get a hold of each other and collaborate easily.

Matthieu Ullens
Head of Digital

“Our company is very satisfied with Kosy. We use Kosy daily to communicate with employees who work from home. This way ongoing files can be discussed ‘personally’ without leaving the home office”

Peter Maes

“I love Kosy! Playing the games got conversations started, and it was really nice to chat to people we wouldn't normally chat to on an everyday basis”

Erica Mackay
Head of People & Culture

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