A virtual office that brings teams closer together

Kosy is your virtual workplace. With meeting rooms, offices, social lounges... and even a game room. So you and your colleagues can feel together without actually being together.

Get started with a team room, social lounge or your own personal office!

Kosy Office

Feel like a team again

Re-establish natural workplace connections that used to make the physical office so great. See what your colleagues are up to and interact just as you would back at the office. Feel like you are side by side working together, regardless of where you are in the world.

Have fun in our unique Kosy rooms

Pop by the Game Room to launch Pictionary, the Social Room for a quick chat, the Library for some focus time, or the Idea Room for a productive whiteboard session.

Apps that are made for collaboration and fun!

Launch an application directly in a room! You can collaborate by launching a whiteboard, Miro and Google Docs or decide to blow off some steam by picking from a selection of games, launch a group meditation, or watch a youtube video together.

Engaging and convenient conversations

Starting a convo in Kosy is as seamless as in real life. Ask a quick question or catch up about the weekend without feeling like you're bothering anyone by sending a quick chat request! Avoid organising unnecessary meetings or sending endless Slack messages.

Customise your space

Just like in Minecraft, Kosy's virtual space is fully customisable. Recreate the floorplan of your physical office, create your own company town or even build your own tropical island.

Kosy brings back camaraderie to remote teams

In Kosy you'll get to know colleagues outside of the typical meeting context. How? Through our curated rituals that encourage your team to spend time in Kosy together (like Daily Stand-ups, or Game Night).

No more awkward "who's next?" In Kosy, teams share their status updates by simply going clockwise around the table. Move to another room after the stand-up for follow-on chats.

Kosy's co-working slots recreate the feeling of a team room with background audio / video. Want to crack a joke or ask a question? Just push to talk!

Don't enjoy awkward virtual happy hours? Pop by the social lounge for quick, organic meet-ups. You can also schedule social get-togethers during specific time slots.


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