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Kosy is a virtual space for remote teams to
work as if they were together in person

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Your team’s remote HQ

All-in-one place for meetings, collaboration, brainstorming, quick chats, casual co-working and much more.


Collaborate better together

Launch any web app or screen-share multiple windows without leaving Kosy. Keep docs saved in the right room and readily accessible for those recurring meetings.

Customers in over 125 countries use Kosy

"Simulating the feeling of being together in the same space while working virtually has done wonders for our team collaboration."

Mike Feranti
Founder & CEO of BuyerGenomics

"Since we started using Kosy for collaboration sessions and hang-outs, team bonding became an organic part of our workday."

Jovana Markovic
Operations Manager at Porobic

"Kosy has been a game-changer in making our team feel more connected and in sync."

CEO & Co-founder of Prophone

"With a growing team, our goal was to improve team spirit and collaboration in a growing team. With Kosy, we significantly increased our level of employee engagement"

Moritz Dressel
Team Lead Data Consulting at DEPT

"Kosy helped bring a new level of communication to our team. It's a must for companies looking to unite their remote teams and work more efficiently."

Pavel Moroz
CEO @ Tunelab
Collaborate using your favourite tools

Feel like a team again

Working remotely can be isolating. Co-work side by side in Kosy as if you were in the same room. See what your colleagues are up to, and tap them on the shoulder if they are free to catch up.


Customise your space

Build a space that reflects (and reinforces) your team’s culture. Some teams prefer having big open spaces, and others prefer customised personal offices. Upload any image and/or GIF to the floor to add even more personality.

Remote work done right

of office workers want to work remotely
of remote employees feel isolated while working from home
of remote teams feel less lonely after using Kosy
of office workers think that the metaverse could improve hybrid work
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