A virtual office for
remote companies

Create a virtual environment where you can
see, talk and socialize with your colleagues.

Social remote working with Kosy
Your virtual home

Your office. Your design. Your rules.

Remote 2.0 is here

Bring your remote company together

Together, virtually

Mnimal voice/video call to feel connected — like you're working at the same table

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Social interactions, reimagined

Interactions that help your team develop stronger connections

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Culture of proximity

Bring back the closeness that made your company culture so unique

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A homely space for collaboration

Build a culture of collaboration and proximity

Work together

At a glance, see who's at the office and who isn't. Easily find co-workers and ask them a question in real-time.

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Social or Focussed?

With Kosy's Focus Mode, you decide when it's time to be social, and when it's time to get down to business.

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Build relations and trust

Small talk and chance encounters solidify the bonds within and between teams.

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Invite outside guests

Invite guests into your office for collaboration, interviews or visits. Make them wait in your lobby while you get ready!

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Kosy Office in action
Get the most out of Kosy

Features everyone will love

Increasing brand connectedness

Increase brand connectedness

Fully branded. Easily design every room with a full-fledged editor. Set up waiting rooms for clients.

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