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Where remote teams work better together

Kosy is a virtual space for remote teams to work as if they were together in person.

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Kosy - A virtual space where remote teams work and hang out in | Product Hunt
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Collaborate better together

Create rooms for specific projects, sprints, or recurring meetings. Pin documents or files to rooms so they are readily available whenever you enter the room.

Feel like a team again

Co-work side by side as if you were in the same room. See what your colleagues are up to, what they are working on, and if they are free to catch-up.

46% of remote workers feel lonely - Total Jobs 2020 Survey

Tap someone on the shoulder

Bring back spontaneous conversations by “walking up” to someone to chat. It’s that simple. Small videos reduce the “meeting fatigue” of traditional video-conferencing.

Organise engaging all-hands

Take the stage and present to large groups, such as for company all-hands. Break out into smaller group discussions organically before or after the presentations.

Listening music together

Customise your space

Build a space that reflects your team’s culture and personality. Replicate a physical office of your own or build something new entirely.

Have some fun together

Listen to music together (our focus playlist is quite the hit), play games, walk the office pet, and more!

Listening music together
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