A virtual office that brings teams closer together

Remote work has packed our calendars with meetings and yet we still feel disconnected.

Kosy’s drop-in rooms for work and play make it easy to spontaneously chat and feel the presence of being together.

Kosy Office

Spontaneous catch-ups

When jumping between remote meetings, we do not experience the spontaneous hallway collisions as we do in physical offices.

In Kosy we encourage quick catch-ups, arriving to meetings early, and attending social rituals like team game night.

Rooms for every type of interaction

A Kosy office consists of rooms that vary in both design and function to encourage different interactions.

Pop by the Lounge to see who else is around to chat, or the Idea Room for a productive whiteboard session.

More productive working sessions

We've built integrations so that you can launch your favourite work apps (e.g., Miro, Figma, Google Docs) in Kosy.

You'll be able to interact with the app on the Kosy table while continuing to see and hear each other in the room.

Quick and frictionless chats

Scan your office floor to see who's available and what they are up to.

Pop in and out of various rooms to start audio / video chats. You can also invite others in one click.

An office designed for you

Every new office comes with a layout that includes our unique room types.

On top of this, you can customise the office look & feel and add more rooms and floors using our drag and drop office designer.

How to get started with Kosy

Getting started is as easy as scheduling a few recurring rituals with your team that encourage them to spend time in Kosy together.

Kosy makes it easy to take turns sharing an update - just go clockwise around the table!  Just pop by a nearby room after the meeting if you need to continue the convo.

Launch tools such as Miro or Google Suite on a Kosy table. You'll continue to see and chat with your team while interacting with the app together. No need to screen share.

In Kosy, we prefer quick, organic meet-ups over planned virtual socials (although both can be fun!). Pop by the social lounge when you are free, play a game, or start a group discussion.

Our Clients

Hear what our clients say

Don’t take our word for it, take theirs. Discover how Kosy has helped many companies worldwide.

“We tried all virtual office solutions out there and Kosy was by far the most powerful and intuitive. We use Kosy daily!”

Don Pasacola

“There is something about sitting around the table and seeing the face that makes the vibe feel like an office unlike going in on zoom. And it's simple and straightforward to use.”

Justin Lee

“We use Kosy for our departmental digital transformation where we need to coordinate with people across various departments and external consultants. Kosy provides us a common virtual office where everyone contributing to the project can get a hold of each other and collaborate easily.

Matthieu Ullens
Head of Digital

“Our company is very satisfied with Kosy. We use Kosy daily to communicate with employees who work from home. This way ongoing files can be discussed ‘personally’ without leaving the home office”

Peter Maes

“I love Kosy! Playing the games got conversations started, and it was really nice to chat to people we wouldn't normally chat to on an everyday basis”

Erica Mackay
Head of People & Culture

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