Organise the right activity for your teams to be closer

The right activity - at the right time


Talk, share, brainstorm and chat. Be as connected to your colleague as if you were together.

Happy Hours

Connect with your team, office or full company with activities ranging from games, trivia quiz or conversation rooms

Casual Coffee Break

Enjoy a friendly 15-minute conversation with someone new from your company.  

Water Cooler

Bring back the serendipity of water cooler conversations and meet new faces! 

...and many more activities!

Invite externals into your office and don't waste a second waiting for them.

Conduct meetings in a more efficient and collaborative way.

Sync up your team and prepare the most productive day.

A team that plays together stays together.

Meal time is a prime time for socializing.

Involve and engage all participants to meet your workshop goals.

Have people available in real-time at a moment's notice.

Ready to get started?

With Kosy you can feel the presence of being together with your team.
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