Take control of your virtual company culture

Organize the right activity at the right time for your team and choose from our recommended activities. We work with many remote companies to provide the right mix of professional and social virtual activities to get your teams more connected regardless of where they are.



How it works

Experience the joy of working together, virtually as if you were together in the same room. Talk, share, brainstorm and chat! Be as connected as ever to your colleagues regardless of where you are.

Why it helps

Coworking creates a sense of connectedness and presence. Having your peers available directly makes it easier to get feedback and reduces the barrier of communication. As people are more "in the loop" and the need for long meetings decreases. Also combats loneliness and helps those who work better when others around them are also working.

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Virtual happy hours

How it works

Connect with your team, office or full company with a range of activities ranging from games, trivia quiz or conversation rooms! Everyone part of the virtual happy hour will have a view of what activities are available and who’s part of them and will be able to join in and out of rooms as they please.

Why it helps

Different activities or topics make people naturally mingle across teams/departments. People can easily leave a conversation and join a new one in a natural way, making it easy for them to reconnect or meet new people while having fun in a non-work setting.

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Casual coffee breaks

How it works

Simply enjoy a friendly conversation with someone new from your company. As soon as you get into the coffee room, you get matched with a colleague that is also free for a 15-minute chat! Want to spice things up? You can generate a question or just talk about whatever you fancy the most.

Why it helps

This is an easy way to de-stress and vent frustrations. Also, you may be matched with people you have not met before and get to know something about what they're working on.

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Organized interactions

Invite externals into your office and don't waste a second waiting for them.

Conduct meetings in a more efficient and collaborative way.

Sync up your team and prepare the most productive day.

A team that plays together stays together.

Meal time is a prime time for socializing.

Involve and engage all participants to meet your workshop goals.

Have people available in real-time at a moment's notice.