BuyerGenomics Uses Kosy to Boost Internal Collaboration

BuyerGenomics Uses Kosy to Boost Internal Collaboration

About the Client

BuyerGenomics ( is a marketing tech company that has created tools for omni-channel retail and e-commerce marketers. BuyerGenomics reveals a B2C business's True Customer in just 1 day, and autonomously acquires & nurtures new customers that spend by 2-5x more. 

BuyerGenomic’s Mission is to "Make Success Inevitable" for their Users, in part through the intelligent use of machine learning.

The Problem

BuyerGenomics became a fully remote team in the first quarter of 2020 as the pandemic eliminated in-person collaboration.

The company has multiple fully remote teams all over the US including a diverse mix of engineers, managers, coordinators, and success managers.

Having multiple teams collaborating remotely was posing a challenge — both for individual team members trying to stay on top of their tasks and for team leaders trying to keep the morale high.

BuyerGenomics needed a remote collaboration software that would enable employees to communicate and work together more effectively while keeping the company spirit alive.

While remote communication tools such as Zoom are useful for scheduled meetings and conference calls, they don't provide the same level of engagement and quick back-and-forths that an in-person team enjoys.

BuyerGenomics wanted their remote teammates to be able to see each other's faces and have more spontaneous interactions throughout the day — even when they’re not in the same physical space.

Recognizing the value of human interaction, the company decided to try out Kosy, a virtual workspace solution.

How Kosy Helped

As soon as BuyerGenomics became fully remote, they started using Kosy. BuyerGenomics's objective was to build effective remote collaboration habits, ease interactions, and make their remote teams feel more connected.

Here's how they did it.

Staying on the same page with the daily standups

The BuyerGenomics remote team members started each day with a daily standup held in a Kosy meeting room.

Daily standup meetings are one of the most important virtual team-building rituals. In the modern era of remote collaboration, these are essential for keeping remote teams on the same page and aligned with each other.

With Kosy, team members can see each other's faces and "sit" next to each other, which helps add a more personal touch to the team meetings. Since everyone is in the same space virtually, despite the physical distance, it's also easier to ask follow-up questions, share ideas, and have impromptu conversations.

Virtual workplace tailored to remote team's needs

After the productive daily stand-up meeting, the remote workers would split into their working spaces.

Using Kosy's virtual workspace and collaboration software, BuyerGenomics managed to build a unique office space custom-fit to their remote collaboration needs.

Their virtual office space now comprised of:

  • Common areas for informal hangout spaces for socializing, creating empathy, and bouncing ideas off one another.
  • One-on-one working pods for dual working sessions, one-on-one virtual meetings and conversations
  • Focus rooms for certain team members who needed to focus and work quietly without disturbances 
  • Meeting rooms to conduct internal or external meetings
  • Project rooms where they keep different tools and relevant documents easily accessible (e.g. Google Docs)

By offering their remote teams a variety of collaboration spaces, BuyerGenomics created an engaging and effective remote work environment.

Spontaneous interactions across the virtual rooms

Kosy's virtual co-working spaces are also designed to promote spontaneous interactions.

Unlike with other remote collaboration tools, team members could interact regularly by simply looking across the virtual office to see who is available and "wave" at each other to flag their intention to chat.

The proximity spatial audio also allowed remote teams to have quick, informal face-to-face meetings without interrupting each other's workflows.

Kosy helped BuyerGenomics keep the team connected and build a unique culture of collaboration in a remote work environment, making it as natural as working in person.

Kosy is as similar to working in an office as I've ever experienced, but with the benefits of being virtual. We are simulating the feeling of being together in the same space, and that’s done wonders for our team collaboration.

Mike Ferranti, Founder & CEO of BuyerGenomics

Ease of communication with the "video on" feature

To further boost remote collaboration, BuyerGenomics has fostered a unique team culture of keeping their video on during work hours.

Implementing this approach took a bit of convincing and remote workers had to go through a short adaptation period before everyone was comfortable keeping their videos on.

However, in the long run, Kosy’s “video on” feature was extremely helpful in establishing trust and transparency within the team as well as nurturing personal connections between colleagues. The “video on” feature also helped ease communication and spontaneous interactions between remote teammates, as it allowed team members to see each other's faces and read each other's body language.

The Results 

The team at BuyerGenomics needed to improve the level of their remote collaboration while working outside of a physical office.

Kosy provided a co-working platform for BuyerGenomics that allowed them to build a productive and fun virtual workspace that suited their needs and boosted their collaboration skills.

Utilizing a variety of features offered by Kosy, such as the "video on" feature and spatial audio & video, coupled with the ability to create customized and easily accessible working spaces, BuyerGenomics was able to keep their team connected and build a strong culture of collaboration.

I don't see how you can work remotely for an extended period without having a high frequency of interaction. Seeing people daily is key and that is only possible in a virtual office

Mike Ferranti, Founder & CEO of BuyerGenomics