ProPhone Uses Kosy to Maintain A Connected Culture Within Its Hybrid Team

ProPhone Uses Kosy to Maintain A Connected Culture Within Its Hybrid Team

About the Customer

ProPhone ( is building Shopify for service businesses. Utilizing AI and automation, ProPhone helps home service companies grow online with a professional web presence and a marketing toolkit.

ProPhone was part of the YC incubator W21 cohort based in the US.

They start with a free website draft and then create a robust company website with built-in marketing and payment tools.  

The Problem

While operating as a hybrid team, each team member had to jump between Zoom invites throughout the day. This not only hindered their workflow but made it difficult to make remote team collaboration work.

The added frustration of trying to keep everyone on the same page also started affecting morale, making remote collaboration even more challenging. 

ProPhone found Kosy Office while searching for remote communication tools in order to quickly find a way to help their virtual teams feel more in sync.   

How Kosy Helped

Zoom may be the current go-to for virtual meetings, but, in ProPhone's case, it didn't exactly create the most ideal environment for team building — or really, any sort of human interaction.

Casual chats, in-person collaboration, and watercooler moments are essential for team building, but they can be difficult to come by in a hybrid office environment. Some people work from home, others come into the office only a few times a week, and both can miss out on the organic bonding that happens in real life.

Implementing Kosy Office gave ProPhone's remote employees the ability to move beyond video calls and actually connect with the whole team on a more personal level.

Initially, the concept of a virtual office seemed intimidating to our team, but after giving Kosy a shot for one day, everyone was eager to keep using it. Ultimately, don't underestimate the importance of casual conversations that bring the team closer together — Kosy helps make these possible.

Nick, CEO & Co-founder of ProPhone

Here’s how they did it.

Starting the day together with daily standup

Before Kosy, team members would start their days by searching for the right invite to a Zoom meeting.

Now, the team starts their day with a daily standup — a virtual room where team members can collaborate effectively, share updates, track progress, and discuss tasks they are working on.

Cutting the time wasted on looking for the Zoom invite and collaborating effectively while sitting in virtual office chairs not only improved team productivity. It gave room for team bonding and having that in-person contact which is often lacking in remote teams.

Increased morale & communication through a customised space

The ability to customise employees’ own space was taken full advantage of to improve collaboration.

After the daily standup, team members across the sales, product, and engineering departments could head to their respective coworking spaces.

Here, teammates would virtually sit next to their remote working teammates and feel as if they were actually working together — knowing what each other is up to, having more in-depth discussions about their work, and enjoying the benefits of an office environment.

One of Kosy's unique features is the ability to jump in and out of conversations quickly and easily, without any awkwardness or friction. So employees can simply tap each other on the shoulder to ask a question or crack a joke, all while building morale and maintaining connected company culture.

Boosted experience with cold-calling rooms

The ProPhone team also felt like they wanted their sales team to feel more together and create the same ambiance that you would see in a sales team room. In order to do so, they created a cold-calling room where sales development representatives (SDRs) and business development representatives (BDRs) could sit next to each other and make calls. But it also allowed teammates to learn from each other's cold-calling techniques.

This collaborative experience not only helped improve productivity but also allowed teammates to learn from each other's cold-calling techniques. Additionally, this solution allows teammates to build experience faster and can translate into converting more leads into customers.

The Results 

Using Kosy's virtual space as the main hub for communications, conference calling and video meetings became something more than just another way to communicate.

It became an opportunity for the team to actually connect with each other, share knowledge, and bond — all while maintaining a high level of productivity in a hybrid working environment.

Seeing where their teammates were at a time in the virtual office, gave employees a more natural feeling of collaboration. It allowed the sense of community they were missing to finally come through.

Kosy has been a game-changer in making our team feel more connected and in sync.

Nick, CEO & Co-founder of ProPhone