How to get started with Kosy?

Getting started is as simple as picking a few reasons for your team to get together in Kosy and encouraging them to hang around

Synchronous Coworking

We miss tapping our colleagues on the shoulder when we have a quick question. Kosy's co-working slots recreate the feeling of a team room. If you have a question or want to crack a joke while working, you can chat in one click.

Stand-Up & Team Huddle

No more awkward "who's next?" In Kosy, you'll share your status update by simply going clockwise around the table. If you want to pull someone aside for a follow-up, just simply move to another room after the huddle.

Real-Time Working Session

Launch tools such as Miro or Google Suite on a Kosy table. You'll continue to see and chat with your team while interacting with the app together.
No need to screen share.

Social Get-Together

Don't enjoy awkward virtual happy hours? Pop by the social lounge for quick, organic meet-ups that feel more genuine. You can also organise social get-togethers that automatically launch discussion topics on the table.

Town Hall / All-Hands

Company affiliation is more difficult to maintain when remote. Having everyone together in your Kosy office for company-wide updates creates a sense of community. Continue the conversations in breakout rooms after the presentation.

Well-Being & Entertainment

Set time for your team to exercise or meditate together. It's important to set aside time for well-being, and in Kosy it is easy to launch a group class or guided meditation session. Pick from a carefully curated selection of activities at a time that works for you!

War Room / Persistent Project Room

Set a team "home base" in Kosy where your project team can cowork together and collaborate on different apps and documents. This room will store your project's context, objectives, and relevant documents.

1 on 1 Pulse Check & Feedback

Conduct your catch-ups in your personal room in Kosy. You can decorate it to your preference, pin sticky notes or whiteboards, and
create a safe space for meetings.

Team Game Night

Dedicated slot where your team can get together and launch a game in Kosy, such as Codenames or Pictionary. Games help break the ice and encourage chit chat that otherwise would not occur in a normal setting.

Brainstorming Session

In Kosy you'll feel like you are all gathered around the same whiteboard as you take turns sharing ideas. You'll have several options to choose from - we have a Miro integration but also have a default whiteboard included.

...and many more activities!

Invite externals into your office and don't waste a second waiting for them.

Conduct meetings in a more efficient and collaborative way.

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Sync up your team and prepare the most productive day.


A team that plays together stays together.

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Meal time is a prime time for socializing.

Involve and engage all participants to meet your workshop goals.

Have people available in real-time at a moment's notice.

Ready to get started?

Kosy is a virtual space where you and your remote team can work and hang out together. Kosy makes spending time with your remote team fun & productive.