5 Steps to Get Started with Your Own Virtual Office

Virtual office platforms like Kosy are incredibly easy to use, but like any technology, having a clear plan and following best practices will ensure you are getting the most out of the platform. We’ve put together this step-by-step guide to set you up for success with your own virtual office!

1. Define How You Want to Use Your Virtual Office 

Every virtual office looks a little different, depending on your work model and your team’s preferences. Teams that clearly define a cadence upfront and commit to working together within the platform at the same times each week get the most value out of Kosy. 

As you define how you want your teams to use your Kosy virtual office, consider some of these common approaches: 

  • Work together in the virtual office every day using the platform for all interactions including scheduled meetings, casual chats, and to quickly get a hold of one another. 
  • Get together in the virtual office setting a few times a week for social activities and for meetings like weekly huddles or daily standups.
  • Find a cadence somewhere in between. For example, some of our customers will define virtual “work from home day(s)” and fully use the platform a few days a week

It’s also a great idea to start small and build over time to find the right balance for your team. For example, start by working together within the platform 1-2 afternoons per week for the first 2 weeks. Observe how your team reacts, and then ramp up. We’ve seen many teams organically evolve from 1 afternoon each week to spending their full working days collaborating in the Kosy platform!

2. Determine the Structure of Your Office

Work and Collaborate 

Once you’ve defined how and when your teams will use Kosy, it’s time to lay out the structure to help your teams work and collaborate most effectively within the platform. Kosy allows you to create a clear structure with dedicated rooms for each function. For example, there could be a room for a specific department (HR) or a room for a geographical region (like an America or EMEA team). Many organizations also create coworking rooms where anyone can pop in and work throughout the day. These rooms are not assigned to specific teams or departments.

Virtual Office Coworking Layout

Within each room, tables are where Kosy interactions happen. When you chat with someone, it happens at a table. Typically, we see one table for each team that acts as their home base.

Tables can range in size from 2 people to 10 people, and a given room can contain many different tables - it’s up to you and your team’s needs! 

Keep in mind that the rooms and tables in the Kosy platform can be rearranged at any time, at the click of a button. You can easily test out a configuration for a few weeks or a quarter at a time and make adjustments as needed.  

Socialise and Play 

Besides coworking and collaboration spaces, the structure of your virtual office should include space to socialize and play. That’s because the most effective and productive teams socialize with one another and interact regularly outside of structured work activities. 

To encourage casual chats and drop ins, we recommend adding at least a few tables in a social break room to recreate the experience of chatting with colleagues in a coffee lounge or cafeteria in the physical office. By creating these spaces, you will encourage people to move from their typical team table and engage with others throughout the organization that they might not normally work with. 

3. Build Your First Virtual Office

Now that you have a vision in place, it’s time to build your first virtual virtual office. It’s a lot easier than it sounds! To get you started, we’ve created 3 templates that you can select when creating your office:

Select one of our office layouts
  1. Team Room: Jump into a room and connect with your team
  2. Virtual Office: Perfect for a few teams and activities.
  3. Virtual Headquarters: Several rooms split by function or geography. 

These templates make it easy to setup a configuration with just a few clicks and make simple modifications to get your virtual office up and running quickly. You can also fully customize your virtual office using our floor designer tool. 

If you need help to set up your office, simply book a time with one of our Office Architects. 

4. Invite Colleagues to Join 

Finally, once your virtual office is configured, you can add users individually using the “add users” link. We also create a unique office link [yourorganizationname.kosy.online] that you can share with the organization. Users can then request access directly within the platform. 

To start out strong and ensure maximum employee adoption, we recommend sending out reminders via Slack and/or email on the days you are trying out the platform. You can also send out calendar invites with the virtual office link as the location.  

5. Set the Tone for Your Virtual Office 

The virtual office can help recreate the day-to-day interactions that distributed teams miss when they do not share a physical space. Set the tone for your office to help users feel more connected and comfortable using the platform to engage with one another organically. 

For example, when your team is finished with a meeting or stand up, try to stay in the same room to rebuild that “team room” atmosphere where people feel comfortable speaking up and asking questions at any time. Just turn off your microphone and hang around in the room. If someone has a question, they can turn on their microphone and/or camera and ask away for everyone to hear. 

How Can We Help? 

We’re invested in the success of your virtual office. You can create your own office here or schedule a time to meet with us. 

Ready to get started?

With Kosy you can feel the presence of being together with your team.
Avoid long and boring video calls - try your virtual office today.

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Ready to get started?

With Kosy you can feel the presence of being together with your team.
Avoid long and boring video calls - try your virtual office today.