How To Be Close To Your Remote Team In A Virtual Space

How To Be Close To Your Remote Team In A Virtual Space

The majority of desk-based workers prefer working remotely at least a few days a week. But remote work can be lonely, especially for more junior employees or new hires. It is not as easy to build team camaraderie when working remotely - but a virtual workspace is a great way to start.

So you've walked into your new virtual workspace for the first time. You see a few meeting rooms, a social lounge, a space for team stand-ups, and some desks. Sure, your space looks like an office - but what can you do with it?

A virtual workspace is a space where you can interact with others in new and better ways. "Walk" up to others to start a conversation. Glance at the coffee lounge to see who's open for a quick coffee chat. The virtual office helps build presence, which is essential to virtual connections.

Getting started with a virtual space

How do you get started with a virtual workspace? Here are a few of our favourite ways teams use Kosy to improve their remote team camaraderie and ways of working.

1. Stand-up / team sync

Instead of running your stand-up via traditional video-conferencing, schedule them in Kosy. When it's time to meet, just gather round in a circle to take turns sharing your updates. Stand-ups are better in Kosy as they feel like real life - no awkward "who's next!" Afterwards it is easy to break out in smaller groups or 1on1s for follow up chats. Most teams like to have their stand-ups in a dedicated space on the floor just for stand-ups. You can get started by changing the meeting link of one of your stand-up for Kosy.

2. Team co-working

After a morning stand-up, many teams like to sit together in their team room for some co-working time (for at least a portion of the day). If you have a question - just unmute and ask your teammates! It's like an open Discord or Slack audio channel, and a great way to get stuff done while feeling close with your team. You can get started by naming & decorating your team room and scheduling a 1 hour team co-working session.

Team Coworking in Kosy

3. Focus session

At Kosy, we love Focusmates. Declaring your intentions for what you need to get done and getting pared with someone else creates accountability and increases productivity. You can run focus sessions in Kosy as well - just pick a colleague, a time, and get to work!

Focus Sessions in Kosy

4. Quick questions

It is often much quicker (and more fun) to chat with someone over audio / video than sending dozens of messages over Slack or Teams. If a colleague is not busy and sitting at their desk, you can walk up to them and start talking right away.

5. Social chats

Elevators. Coffee machines. Hallways. These are all artefacts of the physical workspace that lead to social interactions. While Kosy cannot make you a real coffee, we've built other virtual triggers that help enable spontaneous chats. For example, when you see a colleague enter the social lounge, you know they are open for a conversation.

Your virtual space should enable your teams to interact however they want, wherever they want, without skipping a beat. If you want to get started with a virtual space, you can do so for free.  Please reach out if you have any questions!