How To Make Virtual Meetings Fun: 29 Creative Ideas

Here are 29 ways to make virtual meetings fun for your remote team. Check out this guide for creative and impactful virtual meeting ideas that will help your team stay motivated and aligned.

How To Make Virtual Meetings Fun: 29 Creative Ideas




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Look! You've found yourself on the list of fun activities to liven up team meetings.

Team meetings can be a great way to build engagement and camaraderie between remote teams. But more often than not they are dull, lifeless, and get everyone's energy level way down.

In fact, 38% of office workers feel they spend too much time in online meetings.

So how do you make sure your team meetings are enjoyable and not just another chore to tick off on the calendar? The key is to get creative and follow the advice below 😉.

Here are fun staff meeting ideas you can try out to get your remote team engaged, inspired and connected.

Fun team meeting ideas

Here are some fun activities to keep your remote team engaged and entertained during virtual meetings:

Host team meetings in Kosy

fun virtual meeting ideas in kosy virtual office

Changing the surroundings is a fun way to break the monotony of virtual meetings.

So hold your next team meeting in Kosy Office — a real-time virtual workspace that looks like a real office.

In Kosy, you can host online meetings, brainstorming sessions, and team bonding activities while sitting in a virtual pool or playing with a virtual pet.

Guaranteed to get everyone excited.

Share a lunch break

virtual cafeteria meeting set up

One of the reasons why team meetings often fail to build company culture and team spirit is their rigid format which makes all video calls blend together into one.

Inviting your team to a virtual cafeteria is one of the best meeting ideas to break the monotony. The meeting attendees can take a break, share a meal (which has been shown to build trust and cooperation), and discuss work matters in a more casual, human setting.

Virtual happy hour

Once the work is done, invite your team members for a virtual happy hour to decompress, chat, and bond on a human level.

This is a virtual team-building activity disguised as a meeting that everyone can look forward to after a long day of work. If you want, you can dedicate the first 15 minutes to summing up the day and then switch to fun topics like hobbies, TV shows, or sports.

Not everyone might be receptive to such hyper-social team meeting ideas so remember to involve and encourage all team members to participate — getting to know each other and building stronger relationships will do your team a lot of good.

Game night

 virtual game night to make meetings fun

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of fun and competition to spice up team meetings.

Game night is an easy way to energize the atmosphere and get everyone involved with virtual team-building activities like online quizzes, charades, bingo, or trivia.

The point of hosting an occasional game night is to, once again, break up the monotony of having the same team meetings in the same (even virtual) conference room.

Pro tip: for bonus points, set up a virtual meeting room in Kosy to host your game night and decorate it to have music, drinks, and a virtual whiteboard to keep track of the winners.

Ice breakers

A team-building exercise you can hold at the beginning of every team meeting is a short round of ice-breaker questions. Ask your team members to take turns and answer unique, fun, and head-scratching questions you've prepared in advance.

This is a great way to kickstart conversations that can provide valuable insights into the personalities of each team member and help them bond better over time.

Make sure not to ask generic questions that have canned responses. If you need help, simply host your next internal meeting in Kosy Office and head over to "Apps" to select "Ice-Breakers". Our curated questions will definitely make meetings more fun and give your team a unique insight into each other's personalities.

'Speed Buddies' session

speed buddies remote meeting idea

Speed buddies session borrows from the classic speed dating concept, but with a team-building spin.

In order for this fun activity to live up to its full potential, install Kosy Office and set up a room with several pairs of chairs.

Invite your team members to pair up and give each pair 3 minutes to introduce themselves, and talk about each other, their hobbies, tasks, and so on.

After 3 minutes, let the pairs shuffle, and start the session again.

This way, each participant will have an opportunity to talk and connect with their teammates in a short amount of time.

Two truths and a lie

The team meeting classic, "Two truths and a lie"  is a great way to get everyone talking.

The idea behind the game is simple — each team member takes turns revealing two true facts and one false fact about themselves and the other attendees have to guess which one is the lie.

It can be anything from career accomplishments to childhood memories.

This light-hearted team meeting exercise takes only 10 minutes and not only helps build trust and rapport but also gives everyone a chance to share personal stories without feeling like they're overstepping.

Virtual field trips

fun stand-up meeting ideas at virtual field trips

You know how in school everyone always wanted to have class outside?

Well, even with working from home, there are ways to make this childhood fantasy come true.

Kosy Office gives you all the tools to test out a variety of creative meeting ideas. This includes hosting your next meeting on a virtual beach or camping grounds, with all the fun it entails.

This is a great setting for a brainstorming session — a trip out of the proverbial conference room and into the wild is bound to inspire your team to think outside of the box.


No matter how diverse your team's backgrounds are, chances are there are certain skills and experiences that everyone can benefit from.

Set some time aside in team meetings to share and learn from each other. Encourage everyone to bring something they're passionate or knowledgeable about and spend 15-20 minutes discussing it with the group.

This not only helps team members to better understand each other, but it also provides the opportunity for them to learn something new and gain valuable insights.

For example, if you have a technical SEO specialist in your group, set aside some time for them to teach everyone about Google's accessibility guidelines. This in turn can help your programmers, marketers, and designers create better experiences for your customers.

Kindness whiteboard

kindness whiteboard virtual meeting idea

A kindness whiteboard is a great way to build connections and express gratitude.

Encourage people to write down appreciation and positive feedback for their colleagues in a shared document or a virtual whiteboard. Then, you can read the kind words aloud to liven up a stand-up meeting.

This is an excellent way to remind your team members that their hard work and dedication are appreciated, even if it may not always come through.

As a team leader make sure that not one person gets left without positive feedback, otherwise you're risking alienating staff members and lowering employee engagement.

Pro tip: in Kosy you can place an interactive whiteboard in the middle of the lobby of the common area. Your virtual team can write down positive feedback on it without exiting their workspace or having to dig for a link to the shared document.

Show and tell

Fun team meeting ideas can also be quite simple.

For instance, you can give everyone the opportunity to show off their personal projects or something they're currently working on. It's a great way to spark conversations and get people talking about creative solutions, new techniques, and innovative approaches to team projects.

If you remember show-and-tells from preschool, it's essentially the same setup — but instead of a teddy bear, your team members can present their favorite marketing book or show off a painting they recently finished.

However, whether in a team meeting or a preschool, both aim to create an environment that encourages participants to get to know each other and express themselves freely.

Pro tip: in Kosy, you can upload custom images into your office space. To make meeting time even more fun, ask everyone to send one photo of their show-and-tell project to the team leader and have him or her place the photos around the room.

Lunch partners

remote lunch partners meeting idea

With dispersed teams working in different time zones, it can be tough to find time for a shared team lunch (or dinner, depending on their work hours), no matter how many benefits it has for teamwork.

However, you can let everyone buddy up with a lunch partner and have them meet for a meal once a week during their shifts.

This is an interesting alternative to one-on-ones and a great way to encourage team members to get to know one another, feel less isolated at work, and build friendships, which has been shown to positively impact productivity and professional development.

Pro tip: in Kosy you can build a virtual cafeteria to add a little fun to the lunchtime routine. Additionally, use a virtual easel to allow people to sign up for specific lunch hours and partners.

Meeting pass

Sometimes the best thing you can do is cancel the meeting.

A meeting pass allows your team to cancel one meeting if they work together and unanimously decide that it's not worth having.

This choice helps alleviate meeting fatigue and engages the whole team in proactive and honest communication.

Plus, this exercise can even help increase your team's collaboration skills by encouraging them to discuss different points of view, disagreements, and solutions.

WFH buddies

fun remote meeting idea showing work from home buddies and pets

A fun way to make meetings more engaging is this simple icebreaker activity — showing off your WFH buddies.

This can be your cat, dog, pet bird, iguana, or another person who helps you stay motivated. Other team members who work alone can show their favorite plant, a figurine they always have on their desk, or they can talk about an artist whose music helps them focus during more intense work hours.

This is an excellent way to get everyone more relaxed and ready to participate in a productive meeting.

Pro tip: in Kosy you can have an office pet — choose between Rex the dog, Fluffy the cat, or a ghost (he doesn't have a name but he's very friendly).

Q&A session

Sometimes, team meetings can be an opportunity for everyone to ask questions that would otherwise be hard to fit in between other meeting topics.

Whether it's to get to know everyone on a personal level or to discuss some project-related issues, a Q&A session can be incredibly productive.

You can start with the meeting host and then go around the proverbial meeting table asking each team member to answer one open-ended question. The questions can be tailored to each person or come from a pool of questions all employees have contributed to earlier.

This is an effective way to build trust and familiarity with your remote workers, as well as allow the team to learn more about one another, especially new employees.

Safeword meetings

What if you replaced the word "project" with the word "noodle" for the duration of the meeting? You'll get one of the funniest staff meeting ideas out there.

Here's how the game goes.

Word bomb: Project (or any word that is often used during the meeting)

Safeword: Noodle (or any other word that is funny for no reason)

Sentence: The noodle manager needs to double-check the progress of the noodle initiative.

Every time someone slips and uses the word bomb, all team members are encouraged to start chanting the safeword.

Is it a silly game? Yes. Does it help unleash everyone's inner child but also train active listening skills? Yes and yes.


brainstorm pictionary virtual meeting ideas

We've all heard about and even participated in a brainstorming session once or twice.

This activity can be made even more engaging by turning it into a Brainstorm-Pictionary.

Instead of presenting your ideas with words like in a regular brainstorming meeting, ask everyone to draw their ideas on a piece of paper and have everyone guess what each team member has in mind.

So you'll get two birds with one stone — a productive team meeting and a fun way to spend time with your team.

Pro tip: in Kosy Office you can use the whiteboard asset where all members of your team can draw at the same time.

Take a break challenge

A great way to engage your remote team during meetings is to add a break challenge.

For example, you can assign a task to each team member throughout the day and have them complete it within a set time frame or simply before the meeting.

The tasks can be anything from taking a walk outside for 10 minutes or doing yoga poses in their living room for 5 minutes.

At the end of the meeting, everyone can check in and share what they did during their break, how it felt, and what they learned.

This can be a fun way to encourage physical activity while making sure your team members stay productive throughout the day.

Take a break challenge ver. 2

Another way to make meetings more engaging is to put a spin on the challenge above.

Instead of assigning tasks to be done throughout the day, do one of these tasks during the meeting.

Dedicate the first five minutes of the Zoom call to have a short yoga break, a short dance-off, or a tongue twisters competition. This challenge may take longer with larger groups but it's still worth putting on the agenda of all future meetings — cutting loose together is one of the most fun ways to build camaraderie.

Bad puns opening

bad puns fun meeting idea

If you're looking for fun meeting ideas to engage your team members and lighten up the mood, why not kick the meeting off with some terrible puns?

Task all members of your virtual team with coming up with the worst, cringe-inducing puns they can think of.

Once the meeting starts, go around the room and let everyone present their worst pun.

This is a great way to make meetings fun as well as embrace everyone’s silliness and creativity, without getting too serious.

Pro tip: host this meeting in a Kosy "Town Hall" where each team member will have an opportunity to get on stage and present their jokes.

Meeting polls

One of the best ways to make meetings more engaging is to involve everyone in the conversation and the decision-making process.

Sending quick polls during a meeting can let all participants contribute their opinion on different topics, even if they don't feel like talking.

A quick poll can also be used to break the ice during a meeting if you were to combine it with a game similar to Waffles vs Pancakes.

Presentation party

Another fun way to make meetings more engaging is to hold a presentation party.

Instruct your team members to make a short presentation on the most irrelevant but fun topics. It can be anything from why their favorite TV show shouldn't have been canceled, weird childhood shenanigans, a short summary of The Dancing Plague, and any other safe-for-work topic.

Once the meeting begins, give every participant 5 minutes to present their topic on the video call. After that, open up the floor for a short Q&A session.

This is an excellent way to lighten up the mood, test your team's listening and communication skills, and give your team an insight into each other's passions.

Fun team meeting topics

If you're not in the mood for games, polls, and bad puns, why not instead introduce new and exciting discussion topics during your next meeting?

Let's take a look at some fun team meeting topics that will keep your team engaged.

3 years

A question that often pops up in relationships, it's also an important one to ask in the context of any team — where do you see us in 3 years?

By asking your team members to imagine where they see the company in the next three years, you can get a better sense of how everyone views the future, what their hopes are for its success, and what team effort needs to be applied to get there.


During one of your next staff meetings, ask your team to share their most ambitious egregious ideas for your company. Something that might seem unattainable at first glance, but still within the realm of possibility.

Then, brainstorm ways to achieve these moonshots and create a plan to make them happen.

This exercise is a great way to get your team to think outside the box, inspiring them with big ideas, and motivating them to reach their full potential.

Grass is greener

In order to succeed, every company needs to keep a close eye on its competitors. However, you can also pull inspiration from other companies, and draw and improve upon their ideas.

During your next team meeting, ask your team what they've heard and seen other companies do differently or better.

Then brainstorm ways to incorporate these ideas into your own way of doing business and make them even better than before.

Today I learned

At the beginning of each team meeting, task everyone with sharing something new they've learned recently.

This can be a more efficient way to do a task, a new statistic they've seen, an interesting productivity technique, or even a random fun fact.

This quick discussion will get everyone's minds going and shift focus towards learning and knowledge-sharing.

Client feedback

Engaging with your audiences is an essential part of success for any company.

Why not use your team meetings as an opportunity to discuss customer feedback? Share some of the most recent comments you've received from customers and ask everyone to share their insights and ideas on how to address these issues.

Discussing feedback in a group setting instead of sending it directly to relevant people can also inspire more ideas from other team members and make your product and customer service better.

Feeling good

Start your next meeting on a positive note by asking your team what they feel good about this week.

It can be a new project,  an accomplishment, or anything else that made them feel excited to start the new day.

This meeting topic might sound simple but inspiring good vibes in the team can provide everyone with motivation for the upcoming week.

Book club

Choose a book that is relevant to your company, industry, or team goals and start a weekly book club.

Create a dedicated channel for discussion and hold meetings where everyone can take turns discussing their thoughts on the reading material.

This can help align your team and help each member see the bigger picture and long-term objectives.

Bring your fun staff meeting ideas to a virtual office

fun staff meeting ideas in a virtual office

Kosy puts a powerful virtual office platform at your disposal — to meet, collaborate, build engagement, and long-lasting professional relationships.

Here's how Kosy makes every meeting impactful:

  • Activate participation with multiple use cases, fun assets, and apps
  • Create a unique experience with custom rooms for collaboration
  • Connect easily with one push of a button
  • Share files, multiple screens, and web-based apps
  • Increase engagement through movement and interaction with surroundings

Sign up for Kosy today or book a demo — our team will help you find the best way to make your virtual staff meetings truly engaging and impactful.

This could be the first step to making that moonshot your team dreamed up a reality!

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