UK Tech startup Kosy Office makes remote working feel a lot less remote

Kosy Office is a web-based virtual space where remote teams can work and hang out together. Kosy makes spending time with your remote team fun, productive and collaborative.

UK Tech startup Kosy Office makes remote working feel a lot less remote

Kosy Office (*Kosy) is a web-based virtual workplace platform where teams can work, play and collaborate regardless of location. According to Buffer’s 2020 State of Remote Report* 98% of employees want to continue working remotely but are struggling with isolation and loneliness. Kosy fixes that, recreating the day-to-day social interactions that employees crave in the absence of a shared physical office. Kosy keeps employees engaged and productive by removing barriers and promoting a sense of community and culture.

A positive culture is key to maintaining a happy and productive workforce but most organisations have struggled to translate their culture into a remote working environment. Kosy puts the fun back into work with parties, games and breakout rooms that nurture relationships and promote tap-on-the-shoulder moments. Teams can seamlessly access coworking spaces, casual coffee breaks, happy hours and support functions. Kosy offers an immediacy that mimics the water-cooler moments we all miss, offering real-time interactions for thousands of employees without inbox-clogging Zoom invites. Kosy can be used in place of or in addition to a physical office and works for all company models. Organisations can define and scale team structures and coworking spaces and then rework them in a few clicks. Organisations either order a bespoke virtual workplace or choose from an array of beautifullybdesigned templates; there are no limits.

After years of working remotely, Yanis Mellata (28) and Sam Meurs (31) acknowledged something needed to change. They started Kosy Office at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic with the desire to help companies to be more connected regardless of location, paving the way for the biggest work revolution in decades. Sam has successfully led hybrid/remote engineering and product teams for B2B and B2C tech companies such as Twikit and Vente-Exclusive in Belgium. Yanis has previously worked at top management consulting firm Boston Consulting Group helping clients all over the world grow their productivity and performance. He then worked in the leadership team of venture-capital-backed startup Critizr focusing on European expansion.

Yanis said:

Our mission is simple, to make working at home more streamlined, natural and fun. We wanted to put personality and real-time interaction back at the heart of the working experience.

Kosy has received investment from Picus Capital, a global early-stage technology venture capital firm and two angel investors: Max-Josef Meier , founder of and Stylight and Carsten Lebtig founder of Workmotion (previously PeopleFlow ).

Picus Capital’s Founding Partner and Managing Director, Robin Godenrath, said of the investment

We believe Kosy Office taps right into the needs of companies worldwide which have realised that remote and globally distributed working is here to stay. We are committed to supporting technology startups like Kosy that take on the issues of today and promote happier, more connected lives.

Company Boilerplate

Kosy Office is a product of Kosy Software Ltd, founded in 2020 by Yanis Mellata and Sam Meurs. Kosy Office helps companies create and visualise their own customised virtual office based on a structure that works best for them. Within their own virtual office, employees can work, socialise and interact in real-time. Their clients range from other technology startups to more traditional industries such as telecommunications, finance and manufacturing. Visit for more information.

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