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Learn How Customer Success Teams Use a Virtual Office | Kosy

What Does a Customer Success Team Do?

To ensure success, you need to pay close attention to your customer base.  If you want to make sure your customers stay loyal to you, make sure they’re fully satisfied. You can do so by creating a customer success team.

A customer success team is a group of team members dedicated completely to customers. Their purpose is to ensure the users have a good experience and the desired outcomes when using the products or services from a company.

Customer success teams focus on customer goals and make sure to build a mutually-beneficial relationship. Customer success teams are responsible for customer satisfaction, retention and NPS scores. 

How Remote Work Changed the Workflow for Customer Success Teams

Customer success teams have quite an important set of tasks to deal with daily. Since customers are the most valuable asset you can have, taking good care of them is essential. 

However, remote work changed the workflow for customer success teams in many ways.

As a result, remote customer success teams must develop seamless communication and build complete trust within the team. Besides these two core features, customer success teams must also evaluate and recognize success while working remotely. 

Setting up and maintaining clear customer success metrics and communication intervals is the key to measuring a company’s success, even though establishing and maintaining such procedures can become difficult in a remote working environment.

Which Kind of Virtual Meeting Type Can Benefit Customer Success Teams?

Since customer success teams are in close contact with the users of products and services, they’re primarily responsible for informing and educating people. 

To do that, customer success team members must understand every aspect of the company they’re part of. For remote customer success teams, that’s usually achieved through a series of meetings held at the virtual HQ. 

Some popular remote meeting types are:

  • Coworking meetings - customer success teams sometimes need a breezy coworking meeting to go over ideas and suggestions.
  • Project room meetings - meetings that revolve around a specific project are excellent to narrow the focus of customer success teams.
  • Strategic review - a good strategic review is imperative for any customer success team on regular, as they need to assess their strategy.
  • Team meetings - huddling together within the customer success team is imperative when coming up with new plans and strategies.
  • Virtual happy hour - sometimes, you need a break, and a virtual happy hour can be an excellent choice to unwind.

How Kosy Helps Facilitate Virtual Meetings for Customer Success Teams

If you’re on the lookout for a tool that’ll facilitate all your virtual meetings for customer success teams, Kosy is equipped with all the features you can think of. 

With the help of Kosy, you can:

  • Ease internal communication - Kosy allows you to move around freely and talk to your peers easily, so communication is much easier and reminiscent of traditional office than writing a cold message
  • Enable sharing of crucial information - as soon as you gather new customer information, you can call a meeting in one of the virtual rooms and share it with the rest of your team
  • Prevents team members feeling isolated - feeling loneley is one of the biggest challenges of remote work, but thanks to a virtual office, your team will feel like a real team, no matter where they’re located.
  • Enable idea-sharing - virtual office meetings are far less awkward and dull than Zoom ones, which allows team members to feel more creative, free, and open to collaboration;

Use Kosy for Your Virtual Meetings

By organizing your virtual meetings with Kosy, you can experience higher efficiency, better communication, and increased motivation among your peers. 

You can make the most out of your Kosy features by:

  • Onboarding new customers effortlessly
  • Sharing insights from customers relevant to your teammates;
  • Recruiting new team members quickly and efficiently;
  • Collaborating with other departments seamlessly (e.g., product or sales)

Check out Kosy today and experiment with its virtual office features for free!

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