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Design teams shape customers’ first impressions, have an immense impact on building the products or services offered by a company, and communicate the concepts in a way that entices users to get involved.

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Learn How Design Teams Use a Virtual Office | Kosy

What Does a Design Team Do? 

Design teams can take on many roles within a company. Some are responsible for developing brand logos and imagery - critical elements that distinguish a company from its competitors and help spread brand awareness (typically called brand or graphic designers). 

Other design teams work closely together with product teams to improve the appearance and usability of a product (typically called UX/UI designers). Others still focus on building websites and applications, making them more usable and visually appealing. 

Regardless of their specific tasks and projects, they all must maintain constant communication with virtually all other company departments – product and developer teams, marketing and sales teams, and even customer success teams. 

While most designers spend most of their time isolated, designing in front of their computers, they still need frequent back-and-forth with their peers to complete projects in the most user-centric way possible. 

How Remote Work Changed the Workflow for Design Teams 

No matter what project the design team is working on, one thing is certain - they need to maintain constant communication while they’re working on it. Often, they need to maintain communication with multiple departments. 

As all of us know, remote work can make communication more difficult. That’s why remote work has had a substantial impact on their workflow. 

In an environment where direct contact with others is more difficult than ever, design teams have had to tackle multiple problems, including:

  • Staying in touch with people who can provide some much-needed feedback and help navigate work towards completion;
  • Understanding the meaning of their work in the broader context of a certain project;
  • Aligning priorities with other teams and knowing what project requires their immediate attention;
  • Staying motivated and engaged by knowing the collective creative goals.  

Which Kind of Virtual Meeting Type Can Benefit Design Teams? 

Although design teams rarely interact directly with customers, their efforts directly impact customer sentiment. They breathe life into IT and product projects. For design teams to achieve their goals, they need access to the right virtual meeting types: 

  • Ideation meetings – creative meetings that encourage innovation
  • Feedback sessions – meetings for analyzing project development and improving team workflows
  • Brainstorming sessions – team get-togethers where teammates can bounce ideas off each other
  • One-on-one meetings – quick private meetings where designers can exchange ideas and discuss current performance
  • Coworking - shared spaces where designers can work with each other and provide instant feedback
  • Sprint - Meetings where teams can determine what needs to be done first and how it should be carried out
  • Daily stand-ups - daily meetings that allow designers to review previous day’s work and discuss work ahead

Offering designers plenty of communication options help them take part in brand culture and develop stronger relationships with their teammates. 

How Kosy Helps Facilitate Virtual Meetings for Design Teams 

Simulating the atmosphere of a physical workplace can be pretty difficult when you’re working from home. But it’s certainly possibly to do so. You just need the right platform.

Kosy is a virtual office that enhances remote work for teams of all departments and sizes. It can help your design team be as productive, creative, and satisfied as possible.

What can Kosy actually do for your design team? Among other things, Kosy can:

  • Replicate real workplace surroundings - it can instil the same workplace atmosphere your design team needs to stay productive;
  • Create an environment of collaboration - when it comes to productivity, it’s all about teamwork, and with Kosy, you can easily communicate ideas and collaborate; 
  • Facilitate more frequent communication - design teams need frequent feedback, working in Kosy virtual office, you can easily call one of your teammates to ask them for opinion. 

Use Kosy for Your Virtual Meetings 

The Kosy platform keeps cross-departmental communication clean and clear. It helps groups retain team spirit, improve collaboration, and build stronger work relationships. . 

How can a design teams benefit from Kosy? The virtual office will:

  • Give everyone enough personal space;
  • Help cultivate a collaboration culture;
  • Grant them easy access to teammates for feedback. 

With easy communication and integrated project management tools, Kosy enables design teams to stay on top of their workloads with ease.

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