Development teams ship better code faster in Kosy

Development teams have benefitted from working remotely. Learn how they managed to ship better code in less time by bringing their teammates together in a virtual office.

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Learn How Development Teams Ship Better Code with a Virtual Office | Kosy

What Does a Development Team Do? 

A development team is responsible for maintaining and improving systems, websites, apps, programs, and more.  Whether building entire apps and websites, updating existing systems, or fixing annoying glitches, development teams always have their hands full. Your average development team consists of a number of experienced professionals who spend most of their time:

  • Writing and rewriting code
  • Analyzing system performance 
  • Looking for system bugs
  • Detecting security vulnerabilities

Their main objective is to improve the end-user experience and ensure that their systems run smoothly and efficiently. To do so, they need to collaborate with company-wide departments, understand customer wants and pain points and develop creative solutions. 

Even though their work is somewhat isolated – you can’t write code in teams – they need a constant, direct line of communication with peers, stakeholders, and even customers on occasion. 

How has remote work enabled development teams to ship better code in less time

Although remote work has changed the workflow for development teams, that wasn’t a recent development for everyone. 

Developers working for international companies have long been a part of remote teams, even before the global shift to working from home. 

For them, it’s almost the norm to be in remote teams. They enjoy less structure yet better dynamics, allowing them to focus on the core of their work. 

Developers working for smaller companies, however, used to all sit in the same room where they could easily help each other. Since everyone is by themselves now, it's easy to work in a silo. 

Moreover, these developers would rarely reach out to other departments – other departments would reach out to them. That's more challenging in a remote environment.

However, just because some development teams have been working remotely for years already, it doesn’t mean they don’t face any challenges. 

5 sessions to turbocharge the work of development teams

Different departments and even different team members within a single department have varying needs. Whereas one developer could be fixing a system glitch, another may be working on a security problem caused by the glitch.  

Therefore, development teams require different kinds of virtual meeting types: 

  • Sprints – quick, dynamic meetings for performing tasks under a deadline; 
  • Feedback sessions – detailed meetings where developers can discuss current projects; 
  • Coworking - code together in a room and even have peer to peer programming sessions;
  • Daily stand-ups - review yesterday’s projects and brief each other on today’s tasks;
  • Quick catch-ups - unblock your mind and quickly catch up with teammates if they’re available;
  • Retrospectives - review completed projects to see what can be improved going forward;
  • Team building – casual meetings that build team spirit and encourage peer engagement. 

How have development teams benefited from remote work

Development team members tend to feel isolated from others. That’s why, sometimes, they have difficulties collaborating with other departments. Luckily, Kosy brings an abundance of benefits to development teams and other departments by: 

  • Simplifying workload - boasting dozens of integrations that simplify developers’ workloads; 
  • Boosting workplace engagement - creating interactive virtual offices that keep the teams engaged; 
  • Streamlining communication - encouraging the free flow of ideas and data and helping teammates communicate; 
  • Enabling cross-team collaboration - connecting different teams with diverse talents and tasks. 

Use Kosy for Your Virtual Meetings 

Kosy is a virtual office solution that keeps all team members connected. Not just in formal settings and company-wide meetings, but in casual team building, game night, and coffee room virtual environments. 

Moreover, Kosy will allow you to create:

  • Fully-connected virtual environment;
  • Workplace that promotes collaboration;
  • Office that enhances cross-department communication.

Sounds interesting? In that case, join Kosy for free and keep your development teams connected and engaged. 

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