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Growth teams help organizations grow by developing strategies for acquiring and retaining customers and increasing revenue.

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Learn How Growth Teams Use a Virtual Office | Kosy

What Does a Growth Team Do?

A growth team helps startups increase their customer acquisition, retention, and revenue rates by optimizing products/services and leveraging marketing channels. It typically consists of product managers, product engineers, product and UX/UI designers, marketers, sales specialists, and data analysts.

These teams take a scientific approach to growth, solving growth-related issues through experiments and analyses. One example is A/B testing landing pages to identify ways to drive more conversions and product sign-ups.

Every growth experiment includes hypothesizing, prioritizing, executing, and analyzing targeted ideas to eliminate friction from the buyer’s journey.

Measuring and analyzing relevant KPIs helps this team create a blueprint for future growth, from improving customer acquisition and engagement to increasing retention and revenue.

How Remote Work Changed the Workflow for Growth Teams

To achieve success, growth teams need to coordinate with multiple other teams and departments. However, remote work has brought challenges that could hinder growth without proper tools.

Since remote has become the norm, growth teams have had to deal with 

  • Lack of face-to-face interaction, which made cross-department communication difficult;
  • Less control over their performance, due to the inability to monitor everyone’s progress;
  • Diminished productivity and creativity levels, because of lack of communication between teams and teammates.

Of course, remote work won’t necessarily have a negative effect on your growth team. 

After all, flexible work reduces stress, improves well-being, and supports a better work-life balance. That makes room for more creativity, engagement, and motivation, leading to better outcomes.

Which Kind of Virtual Meetings Can Benefit Growth Teams?

Growth teams need a seamless communication flow with relevant departments to discuss growth projects and strategies, monitor the progress, review results, and determine the best solutions to problems.

These virtual meetings can help them establish that flawless communication:

  • Team meetings – communicate goals and objectives and discuss mission-critical topics;
  • Brainstorm – put everyone’s heads together to come up with the best way to solve a specific problem;
  • Ideation – get creative juices flowing to discover innovative ideas and overcome various challenges;
  • Project room – discuss a particular project and make strategic decisions for its success;
  • One-to-one – two teammates exchange ideas and share feedback;
  • Conference meetings – discuss the latest updates, trends, ideas, and opportunities with all relevant teams.

How Kosy Helps Facilitate Meetings for Growth Teams

Want to make team meetings easier? Highly engaging? More productive? All of the above? Then you need to know about Kosy.

Kosy is a virtual office that makes online meetings a breeze, helping remote and hybrid growth teams streamline communication and collaboration across departments.

  • Coordinate seamlessly within your team - stay close to your teammates in a virtual space with video chats, whiteboards, and natural interactions;
  • Share data necessary for continuous growth - connect your favorite apps to Kosy such as your growth dashboard to know your performacne in real time;
  • Generate new ideas for growth - By being close to each other, you'll have the opportunity to generate new ideas for growth.

Use Kosy for Your Next Growth Team Meeting

Kosy is an ideal virtual office platform for growth team meetings. It drive motivation of your entire team and help shoot productivity through the roof. 

Just to sum up, Kosy can help your growth team:

  • Keep track of their progress;
  • Communicate more easily;
  • Generate new ideas for growth.

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