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Management teams are groups of team leaders responsible for making crucial business decisions. Alongside the CEO, companies have a representative from every department part of their management team.

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Learn How Management Teams Use a Virtual Office | Kosy

What Does a Management Team Do?

Each company has its team leaders responsible for overseeing all activities within a company and supervising other team members. These individuals belong to the highest levels of management and therefore make up the management team.

In most cases, the management team consists of the most senior members of the company who have the knowledge and experience needed for making important decisions. 

Besides the CEO, representatives of each department in a company are part of the management team too, including:

  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Product
  • Sales
  • Technology
  • Operations

Members of the management teams are responsible for defining the objectives, leading the business, and ensuring the entire company performs at an optimal level.

How Remote Work Changed the Workflow for Management Teams

Management teams working closely together are necessary for a company to move in the right direction. In a brick-and-mortar environment, most interactions happen informally. When working remotely, people need more structure. Without it, they’ll feel even more disconnected.

The workflow changed, and here is how: 

  • Now, there are more silos between different departments;
  • Teams don’t have a clear understanding of where the company is going;
  • It is harder to understand the current situation within the company fully;
  • There is a drive to maintain a robust strategic direction and rhythm of execution;
  • There is an accent on maintaining a good team culture.

Which Kind of Virtual Meeting Type Can Benefit Management Teams?

Since management teams consist of highly-valuable department representatives, the management team members are responsible for all operations taking place in a company. 

From monitoring day-to-day activities to improving company culture, management teams must take care of everything.

Therefore, several types of virtual meetings can benefit management teams, if not all of them. 

Here are some suggestions of effective meeting types for management teams in virtual HQs:

  • War room meetings – when something urgent happens, and you need to act fast, you need a war room meeting to devise the best action plan.  
  • Strategic reviews meetings – management teams need strategic review meetings regularly to identify value-driven opportunities.
  • Brainstorming meetings – brainstorming sessions are imperative for all management teams - the best ideas are created that way; 
  • All-hands meetings – management teams need all hands on deck, and an all-hands meeting gathers the entire company for a discussion.
  • Office hours - management teams can set up office hours, so their teammates know when they are available. 
  • Workshops - some management issues require a creative approach, and workshops are excellent for achieving just that.

How Kosy Helps Facilitates Virtual Meetings for Management Teams

For remote management teams, it’s essential to make virtual meetings as smooth as possible. With Kosy, you can facilitate these virtual meetings with ease.

Kosy allows you to:

  • Have a place to get together as a team - Kosy has multiple virtual side rooms that allow team members to gather and focus on a single task;
  • Show how united the management team is - through open and transparent communication, you can show how united the management team is, and in turn, motivate the rest of your team;
  • Maintain an office-like atmosphere - no matter where your team members are located, Kosy will help them feel like they’re right back in their old office (you can even copy your office layout if you want). 

Use Kosy for Your Virtual Meetings

Holding virtual meetings via Kosy lets management teams experience a whole new level of simple and easy communication with their peers. 

With Kosy by their side, management teams can count on:

  • Remote, seamless, and flexible communication to keep management team members updated at all times;
  • A wide variety of virtual meetings designed for different meeting needs and situations;
  • Finding the best approach based on the nature and formality of the meeting.

Try out Kosy for free today and change how tightly knit your management team is!

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