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Marketing teams develop and implement strategies to raise brand awareness, build traction, attract customers, and drive sales. They’re integral to company success.

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Learn How Remote Marketing Teams Use a Virtual Office | Kosy

What Does a Marketing Team Do?

A marketing team has numerous responsibilities, each essential for continuous company growth. They create various marketing campaigns, including email, content, SMM, SEM, SEO, and PPC - to name a few - ensuring their messages reflect brand values.

Marketing teams are tasked with the responsibility of:

  • Researching and identifying market trends
  • Developing brand image and maintaining its consistency
  • Conducting customer satisfaction surveys to inform decisions
  • Managing and monitoring social media pages
  • Creating messages that convey brand values and drive sales

Essentially, marketing teams help build traction and springboard a company to success.

How Remote Work Changed the Workflow for Marketing Teams

Most of the time, companies have a handful of high-impact marketing channels; figuring them out requires speed and constant testing.

Due to the so-called “Law of Shitty Click-Through Rates,” marketing teams have a short window to acquire new customers. They must be highly creative or risk their endeavors becoming challenging and expensive.

Remote work hinders their workflow in several ways:

  • Less interaction makes it challenging for marketing teams to be creative, and many innovative ideas sprout from serendipitous interactions.
  • It isn’t easy to see what the entire team is working on and coordinate with teammates.
  • Remote teams often work in silos, limiting input and insights from team members and other departments like corporate strategy and product teams. That creates knowledge, productivity, and performance gaps.
  • It’s challenging to find the balance between synchronous (real-time interactions like phone calls and video chats) and asynchronous communication (e.g., email and instant messages).

Which Kind of Virtual Meetings Can Benefit Marketing Teams?

Remote marketing teams can benefit from the following meetings:

  • Kick-off – initial meetings for project kick-offs;
  • Brainstorm – brainstorm ideas to solve a specific problem;
  • Ideation – share creative ideas for overcoming challenges;
  • War room – discuss current projects;
  • One-to-one – two team members discuss topics and exchange ideas;
  • Coworking – work alongside teammates on various tasks and projects;
  • Team meetings – discuss mission-critical issues and updates.

How Kosy Helps Facilitate Meetings for Marketing Teams

You want to help your marketing team members collaborate seamlessly even when they’re working remotely? Then you need to give Kosy a try. 

Kosy streamlines meetings for marketing teams, helping them connect with remote members and supercharge productivity. Here’s how:

  • Creating a virtual environment aligned with your team – create a virtual space for every meeting and drive participation and contribution.
  • Enabling serendipitous interactions – enjoy smooth interactions that feel natural and spark creativity.
  • Improving collaboration – use whiteboards and share your screen and files to make the most of your meetings.
  • Integrating with third-party apps – connect your favorite apps and streamline the workflow.

Use Kosy for Your Next Marketing Meeting

Kosy is a virtual office platform that allows you to collaborate like you’re in an actual office. The platform is perfect for:

  • Connecting with your remote team;
  • Keeping everyone on the same page;
  • Increasing productivity while working remotely.

Sign up for an account (it’s free!), invite your teammates, and enjoy more productive meetings that drive engagement, motivation, and success!

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