Operations teams are more efficient in Kosy

As professionals who have to wear many hats, operations teams are responsible for ensuring that virtually every aspect of a company runs smoothly.

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Learn How Operations Teams Use a Virtual Office | Kosy

What Does an Operations Team Do? 

The tasks of an operations team will differ from one company to the next, depending on the size of the company, its industry, and its specific niche. 

However, most operations teams will focus on one or all of the following: 

  • Business operations - explore favorable markets for a company’s products and services; they’ll build vendor networks, develop business strategies, organize fundraising events, and more; 
  • Finances - handle operating budgets, collect invoices, and create bill pay systems; they will set up critical financial software, take care of payrolls, and claim credits due, to name but a few tasks;  
  • People operations - create incentive structures, track performance, and build HR policies; in contrast, legal and corporate GRC teams will define the business structure, carry out audits, obtain licenses, and more. 

In addition, you also have teams that handle legal operations, corporate governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). 

How can has the workflow of remote teams changed? 

Considering the many hats that those in operations teams have to wear, it’s no surprise that remote work has completely transformed their workflows. 

Ever since the world went remote, many companies adopted an increasingly decentralized work structure which makes organization even more complex for operations team.

For remote operations teams to be effective and ensure seamless teamwork with their peers, they need to be able to have an overview of all parts of the business, be aware of all fire burning and know who to speak to to address critical issues.

What Kind of Virtual Meeting Type Can Benefit Operations Teams? 

Whether optimizing SaaS operations, handling day-to-day client issues, or solving legal obstacles, operations teams need access to unique virtual meeting types. Some of the most adaptable meetings that can suit operations teams include: 

  • War room meetings – virtual room where you can put all the relevant project information in the same place and resolve issues; 
  • Workshop meetings – longer interactive meetings focusing on a specific topic; 
  • All-hands meetings – cross-departmental meetings that simplify information-sharing; 
  • Strategic review meetings – often, strategy is part of the core responsibilities of the operations team. 

With the right platform and meeting type, operations teams can ensure that they stay as productive and efficient remotely as they would be in in-office environments. 

How Kosy Helps Facilitate Virtual Meetings for Operations Teams? 

Kosy streamlines the workflow and allows operations teams to stay on top of all their tasks as a new player in the market. It does so by:

  • Ensuring excellent internal communications - use one of Kosy’s meeting rooms to make the mission statement clear and motivate every member of the company to do their part;; 
  • Allowing for a seamless information and knowledge exchange - with Kosy, operational teams can ensure interdepartmental communication stays at a high level;
  • Helping every team member stay up to date on all activities - making sure every team member is on the same page is extremely easy within the confines of a virtual office.  

With its countless meeting types, advanced features, and dozens of integrations, Kosy will provide operations teams with everything they need to improve their performance.  

Use Kosy for Your Virtual Meetings 

Kosy offers flexibility and versatility. It provides reliable cross-departmental communication suitable for small, large, and all teams in between. What makes Kosy so attractive to remote operations teams? A few things, including:

  • Atmosphere that will give them a new, yet familiar workplace experience;
  • Advanced features, that keep them connected to their peers;
  • Ability to collaborate with individuals and teams 

Use Kosy to bring flow to how your operations team works, and see what a difference it will make. 

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