Project management teams plan and execute a specific project to achieve the ideal outcome within a defined budget and timeframe.

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Learn How Project Managers Use a Virtual Office | Kosy

What Does a Project Management Team Do?

A project management team initiates, plans, executes, monitors, and completes various corporate projects.

Project managers define every project’s scope, goals, and objectives before breaking the project down into tasks and establishing schedules and deadlines. 

They communicate the project scope, manage team deliverables, track progress, and keep everyone up-to-date with changes. Monitoring and optimizing performance are also project managers’ responsibilities.

How Remote Work Changed the Workflow of Project Management Teams

Carrying out projects with a remote or hybrid team can be challenging as there are no face-to-face interactions. You can’t pop by a teammate’s workspace anytime you want to share an update.

Meetings have gone virtual, and project management teams lose themselves in countless emails and instant messages to keep everyone on the same page and track progress. 

That can lead to collaboration issues, poor performance, and miscommunication, leading to unrealistic outcomes and missed deadlines.Team-building takes a toll since you can’t gather everyone in the same place to catch up and connect.

Remote teams often feel lonely and disconnected, lacking the motivation to achieve various projects’ goals and objectives. That negatively affects their morale, well-being, satisfaction, engagement, efficiency, and performance.

Which Kind of Virtual Meetings Can Benefit Project Management Teams?

If project managers can’t get all their ducks in a row, the entire project suffers, so holding a proper virtual meeting is crucial.

Here are the most beneficial meetings for various project stages and specific situations:

  • Kick-off – initial discussions for starting a particular project and ensuring everyone’s on the same page;
  • Project room – making strategic decisions for executing and completing the project and overcoming challenges;
  • Team meetings – discussing objectives, sharing project updates, and ensuring team alignment;
  • Strategic review – monitoring the progress and performance and making data-driven decisions for achieving goals and objectives;
  • Team building – connecting with teammates to strengthen relationships and improve future collaboration.

You just need to find a suitable virtual office to hold these meetings. That’s where Kosy comes into play. 

How Kosy Helps Facilitate Meetings for Project Management Teams

Kosy is a virtual office that allows you to enjoy all of the benefits of physical office space - without wasting money on one. It  solves all the remote-work challenges above, helping remote and hybrid teams run projects smoothly. 

But that’s not all. Kosy will also provide:

  • Seamless communication and collaboration - Kosy lets you enjoy natural, fluid interactions and meeting rooms aligned with specific projects;
  • Instant project updates - keep your team in the loop and integrate your favorite apps to share files, documents, and project updates;
  • Team-building in a cozy virtual environment - connect with teammates in a pleasant environment to build meaningful relationships and improve their well-being, engagement, and motivation.

Use Kosy for Your Next Project Meeting

Planning. Executing. Monitoring. Kosy allows you to do all of this. And a lot more. It can help with seamless project management, whether your team is remote or hybrid. Kosy will also:: 

  • Bring every member of your team closer;
  • Keep each team member  up-to-date;
  • Supercharge collaboration and performance.

Are you looking to take you project management team to the next level? If that’s the case, sign up for a free account to see it in action!

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