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Recruitment teams help companies grow by sourcing top talent to fill vacant positions. They’re the lifeblood of every company.

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Learn How Recruitment Teams Use a Virtual Office | Kosy

Recruitment teams are the pillars of new companies

A recruitment team has many responsibilities, each integral to company growth.

Recruiting professionals identify staffing needs and develop strategies to source top talent, creating a plan that ties to company objectives. They post job listings on multiple channels to attract candidates interested in joining their company and also do cold reach-outs to targeted candidates that may be a good fit to the role.

They screen each resume to narrow the candidate pool before conducting assessments to test applicants’ knowledge and skills necessary for a vacant position.

After thorough testing, recruiters select candidates best suitable for a specific position and schedule interviews. They coordinate with hiring managers, HR leaders, and direct supervisors to ensure they hire top talent.

Background and reference checks are also part of the process.

Recruitment teams had to reinvent the way they worked to the new reality of remote work

Remote recruitment teams must clearly define the responsibilities of remote positions to avoid misunderstandings and save time. 

They must state if a specific job position is entirely remote or hybrid and how many days they expect future hires to work at the office if the work model is flexible.

If that wasn’t challenging enough, recruitment is now extremely competitive, given that more people are opting for remote working opportunities, and it’s much easier to find a new job. Recruiters are responsible for making the organization they represent stand out to attract top talent.

Generally speaking, there are two parts to the recruiter role:

  1. Find candidates and assess whether they’re the right fit for their company;
  2. Convince candidates that the team is the right fit for them. 

Once candidates enter the interview process, the interview becomes a two-way street. They need to convince the company and the candidate that they’re a right fit. 

There are 4 key meetings for recruitment teams to be successful

Remote recruitment teams can benefit from the following virtual meetings:

  • Interviews – evaluating candidates to ensure they fit a specific position and the company’s culture, even showcasing the virtual office to candidates to create fantastic first impressions;
  • Workshop meetings – discussing recruitment strategies, bridging knowledge gaps, and accelerating recruitment and hiring processes;
  • Team meetings – discussing specific projects and updates to keep everyone in the loop;
  • Quick catch-ups – catching up with hiring managers organically to understand whether recruitment needs evolved

Running key meetings in a virtual office can help recruitment teams be more productive

Kosy helps recruitment teams enjoy productive virtual meetings and streamline day-to-day processes. 

Here’s how:

  • Conduct interviews in a relaxed environment – Kosy lets you create a virtual office space that feels like home, and you can even give candidates a tour of the place so they can get a feel of the culture.
  • Coordinate with team members seamlessly – you can use whiteboards, screen-sharing, file-sharing, and other collaboration features to streamline the workflow. 
  • Improve the onboarding experience – help your new hires learn the ropes in a unique space that makes work exciting, helps them connect, and inspires meaningful relationships.

Try Kosy to streamline the way your team works!

Kosy is the best virtual office platform for recruitment teams for a number of reasons. It gives your team the ability to:

  • Streamline recruitment and hiring tasks;
  • Increase productivity among team members;

Connect remote teammates and prospective candidates.Sign up for free to see it in action, invite your team, transform your workflow, and compel top talent to join your company!

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