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Learn How Remote Sales Teams Use a Virtual Office | Kosy

The role of sales team has evolved

Sales teams have unique roles and responsibilities within a company. 

They’re the face of the company in front of customers and they sit at the core of every industry. Their precise job descriptions can vary, but at the end of the day, they’re the reason for a company’s continued growth. 

Sales teams communicate directly with clients and customers to find out their desires, interests, pain points, and needs. Their main responsibilities include:

  • Handling customer acquisition
  • Mainiting customer relationships
  • Identifying possible market gaps
  • Spreading company culture and brand awareness

Sales teams have to collaborate closely with other deparmtnets within the company. For instance, your sales team needs to work closley with the marketing department to find the tone of voice that speaks to your target audience and your product team to be aware of the latest product changes.

Simply put, a talented sales team is what keeps a company afloat. 

Remote sales need have changed the way they work 

Few departments were quite as disrupted by the remote work trend as sales teams. After all, the sales teams are the face of every company. They’re the ones interacting directly with clients. They’re the bridge between a customer and a brand. 

However, it’s not only customer interactions that became a challenge with remote work. 

Additional obstacles include: 

  • Staying close to teammates to learn from what works when speaking to new users
  • Being up to date with latest product & marketing developments
  • Establishing and maintaining a culture of performance;
  • Onboarding and training new team members for maximum knowledge sharing; 
  • Call shadowing between teammates to learn from each other what works versus not  

Sales teams have important external and internal roles within a company, and they need flexible solutions that allow them to organize their time to better serve their workflow.

5 meetings to help remote sales teams deliver on their targets

Proper communication is the key to completing any and all tasks related to sales. If a sales team is to be productive, they need to be close to their peers and learn from them. 

They also need to be in touch with the rest of the organization to learn more. They need to be part of the sales team wolf-pack mentality, and in the digital realm. 

That’s only possible with the right types of meetings: 

  • Coworking - useful for a cold-calling rooms. You can take calls with your fellow team members, shadow calls and ask each other questions as issues arise
  • Team meetings – ideal for sharing client updates and keeping all team members on the same page; 
  • One-on-one meetings – perfect for training new sales team members and discussing strategies; 
  • Strategic review meetings (or all-hands) longer meetings for designing new sales strategies or identifying opportunities for improvements (typically for sales team leaders or VPs who are tasked with devising regional plans, etc); 
  • War room meetings – useful for when in the process of signing a new customer. You can establish a war room to put in all the relevant project information in the same place and resolving issues. 

Different meeting types help sales teams stay on top of their game and keep different departments on the same page. 

How can running your meetings in a virtual office help remote sale steams

Kosy is a virtual office platform that makes remote work feel more like the real thing. The platform mimics the layout of an actual office and allows the users to move freely around. It’s designed to streamline communications and make remote interactions more natural. 

It helps facilitate sales teams virtual meetings by: 

  • Prioritizing teamwork - for most remote workers, working like a team is one of the hardest parts of their job; Kosy makes that seamless by simulating a real office;
  • Establishing effective communications channels - Kosy makes remote communication easy by, allowing sales teams to continue their work undisrupted; 
  • Providing formal and informal virtual environments -  you can use one of Kosy’s rooms to either have an intense strategic meeting or a casual after-hours gathering; 
  • Keeping every team member and department connected - inter-department collaboration can look almost impossible when you’re remote, not with Kosy, everyone can have their dedicated space to help them focus and work.. 

Try Kosy for your remote sales team meetings 

Kosy’s intuitive interface allows even the most computer illiterate of sales team members to get accustomed to the platform with ease. 

It helps to keep the team spirit strong by:

  • Ensuring clean and clear interactions among teammates across different levels;
  • Connecting diverse departments;
  • Providing a virtual environment that keeps sales teams a part of a larger whole. 

Sounds interesting? Sign up with Kosy for free, and enjoy streamlined remote communication.

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