Coffee Chat

Coffee chats are informal meetings where you can catch up with peers – both within your team and from other departments. The best part? It can all be done remotely.

Coffee Chat

What Is a Coffee Chat?

Ever had a few laughs with another team member during an unplanned break during the day in front of the coffee machine? Of course, you have! Well, this type of quick organic meet-up is called a “coffee chat”. 

As the name implies, it should be an informal conversation where everyone gets to let off some steam and enjoy a few laughs. Also, these meetings are not restricted to just a few team members or people from the same department. 

In fact, executives and managers can have regular coffee chats with their teams and encourage these types of meetings between co-workers. 

Here’s why that’s a good idea – particularly in a remote work situation.

Why Are Coffee Chats Important?

A coffee chat has been shown to increase job satisfaction by 46% for everyone involved in these team meetings. They’re versatile and can have several purposes. 

They can, for example, be a simple get-together where two teammates have an informal conversation and get to learn more about each other.

Second, they can help you communicate what type of company culture you want to build, and you can do so informally and more pragmatically. 

A coffee chat enables you to build long-lasting and meaningful connections with your teammates and connect on a whole other level. 

A chat like that can increase happiness, prevent burnout, and increase motivation – which is all something we’d love!

How Kosy Improves Your Coffee Chats

Traditional VC software limits your options for organizing a coffee chat meeting with team members – especially if you want to make them organic. 

The boring virtual calls and the fact that other people can drop in at any time tend to ruin the mood and make your colleagues less likely to relax and open up. 

Kosy, being a next-level virtual office platform, offers some great perks for all your coffee chats:

  1. Access to a beautiful virtual lounge – you and your team will get the perfect place to have coffee chat meetings – and you can customize it to suit your teams personality.
  2. A list of topics to break the ice – Kosy offers discussion topics to break the ice for when there are more than two people in the lounge area. 
  3. A space where anyone can pop in - so you can be inspired by an unexpected idea by someone casually walking around. Rest assured, you can also lock a space and make it fully private. 
  4. A change of scenery - spark a conversation during your coffee break, inspired by a new area with plenty of elements that’ll inspire you to start a convo.

Use Kosy for Your Next Coffee Chat

Do you miss those goofy water cooler moments that everyone at the office keeps talking about for years? Want a quick gossip session to relax after a hard day at work?

Hit the button below to sign up for a Kosy account for free and spark up a fun conversation with your teammates!

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