Conference meetings are a great way to inform your teammates about the newest updates or make an important decision together. They tend to be larger in size than other meetings.


What Is a Conference Meeting?

Essentially, a conference is a meeting where a larger number of team members come together to discuss any topic, task, or project that requires many heads in one room.

Depending on the complexity of the discussed topic, a conference meeting can last anywhere between several hours and a few days.

Although traditional conference meetings were organized in large meeting offices, companies have almost exclusively shifted to remote conference meetings.

Why Are Conference Meetings Important?

Conference meetings bring all team members together and allow them to discuss new ideas, trends, and opportunities relating to their company.

Let’s look at why you might want to use this type of meeting for your team.

1. No Location Limits

Even if your team consists of members living in different parts of the world, they can all come together for a virtual conference meeting.

2. Experience the Power of Cost-effective Meetings

Instead of spending vast amounts of money on renting conference locations and organizing the entire event, find a better purpose for the saved funds.

3. Increase Your Convenience and Flexibility

Since team members attend conference meetings from the comfort of their homes, you’re faced with more convenience and flexibility during the organization process.

4. Keep Up with the Latest and Greatest Trends

Get many different ideas and views on various topics by holding a meeting everyone can participate in.

5. Learn from the Best

Use forms of presentations such as talks, speeches, and round tables to expand your knowledge.

6. Easily Include Others

No one has to miss a thing! Include as many participants as you like to attend the conference meeting. You can even record it so those who can’t attend can catch up.

7. Unstructured Serendipitous Interaction

Encourage casual conversations between your guests. Let people mingle and ideas spring forth. Sometimes, that’s the best way to generate ideas to solve complex problems.

How Kosy Improves Your Conference Meetings

If you’re interested in setting up virtual conference meetings, you’ll need a powerful tool that supports this decision. Luckily, Kosy can easily do this, as it equips teams with numerous benefits.

Improve your conference meetings with Kosy with the following features:

  • Customize your virtual space to fit your brand and image
  • Build the space based on the activities you want to happen at the conference
  • Let people easily join the conference
  • Easy to use platform  
  • Especially good for remote teams
  • No need for any setup (SaaS)
  • Over 10 different tool integrations
  • Whiteboards
  • Screen sharing capabilities
  • Video calls

Use Kosy for Your Next Conference Meeting

If you’re on the hunt for a tool that’ll make organizing and holding a conference meeting seamless and easy, Kosy is what you’ve been looking for all along.

With so many helpful features to choose from, make sure to check out Kosy today and give its free trial a shot.

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