Coworking is where you work alongside your teammates, tap their shoulders whenever you have a question, and crack the occasional joke.


What Is Coworking?

Coworking is a concept where team members work on different tasks and projects within the same space. 

You’ve probably seen the ads for coworking spaces if you live in a big city or have been in one recently. 

But now that remote work is becoming more popular (and kind of necessary if you’re part of an international team), we’ve seen many teams adopt virtual coworking as a way to stay connected & build trust. 

Coworking can be both physical and virtual – and the virtual spaces can be particularly useful to people who work in a distributed team.

But even if you’re part of a big and established company, you can reap the many benefits of coworking, which include improved sustainability, accessibility, and more vibrant communities. 

Why Is Coworking Important for Your Team?

Coworking with your team is a great way to feel like you’re together – even when you’re apart. It helps you stay up to date with what your teammates are doing, improves communication to align teammates, and helps you build trust faster. 

When you work remotely, it’s easy to feel lonely, and coworking allows you to talk to others about work, to learn, or to simply share what’s on your mind and chill out. 

Here are the main reasons coworking is important:

  1. Remote collaboration means fewer organic interactions – coworking brings that back!
  2. Lack of interaction reduces a team's trust in each other – and that’s critical.
  3. It also reduces the creativity, collaboration, and quality of your team’s output.

In other words, you can work alone and be completely independent while being together with other people, share experiences and support each other. 

Kosy is perfect for just that: making it cozy.

How Kosy Improves Your Coworking  

Whether your team is fully remote, or uses a hybrid model of working 50/50 at home or in the office, Kosy can help bring coworking to life when not physically together. Here’s how.

1. Make Your Workspace Feel Like Home

Your physical office space of yesteryear was like a second home where you could customize your workspace, complete with a picture of your SO. So what happens now that it’s virtual? Kosy lets you brand and style your coworking space just like the old days. 

2. Work Alongside Your Teammates

Missing those watercooler moments in the virtual world? Slack chats just aren’t the same. So with Kosy, we’ve decided to emulate the feeling of working alongside your peers, so you can always see what they’re up to and who they’re talking to – so you can join in!

3. Tap Shoulders to Ask Quick Questions

Stuck on a particular task or not sure how to handle an upcoming meeting? Sometimes a text message just doesn’t cut it. That’s why you can mute and unmute your surroundings in Kosy, so you can ask your teammates quick questions before getting back to work. 

4. Swap Desks Whenever You Want

Maybe your former office used the “hot desk” principle, or maybe it didn’t. But with Kosy, you can swap desks whenever you want. Not only can you change your environment, but you’ll also be able to strike up spontaneous conversations with new people every day.

5. Enjoy a 100% Integrated Workflow

Last but not least, Kosy gives you a dozen integrations, screen-sharing features, whiteboards, notes, and group meeting perks. To boot, Kosy also lets you socialize and connect in different ways so you can use your breaks to chat and play games together.

Use Kosy For Your Coworking Space

Give Kosy a shot and share it with your fellow teammates so all of you can experience the difference in a coworking meeting space.

Sign up for a free account and get started today!

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