Ice Breakers

Ice Breaker meetings do exactly what they say on the tin: break the ice. Use ice breakers to build trust and establish strong bonds between team members – and have some fun!

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Virtual Ice Breakers Tool for Remote Teams | Kosy

What Is an Ice Breaker?

An ice breaker meeting is a type of meeting that kicks off new (or existing) teams in the right way. 

Avoid awkward moments and use ice breakers to introduce everyone’s personality, let people mingle, and build solid relationships from the get-go. 

It’s also the ideal meeting type for team leaders to bond with their teammates and learn more about them.

Ice breaker meetings can involve various fun and unique activities where team members get a quick but meaningful insight into the people they'll be working with.

Here are some excellent activities you can include in your next ice breaker meeting:

  • Quizzes
  • Questions
  • Activities
  • Games
  • Stories

Why Are Ice Breaker Meetings Important?

Even though ice breaker meetings are intended to be light-hearted, playful, and fun, they also hold a much deeper value.

Namely, ice breaker meetings have the power to determine the overall success of business conferences, meetings, workshops, and events, so finding the best activities to break the ice is often crucial.

A good ice breaker can reduce stress and anxiety for participants by fostering a pleasant atmosphere throughout formal company events. 

Here are some of the main effects of ice breaker meetings:

  • They can be the motive for a group gathering since you can use ice breaker meetings as conversation warm-ups during discussions, meetings, or workshops;
  • They can serve as individual meetings, introductions for corporate events, or energizers for longer business meetings. Effective ice breaker activities will grab everyone’s attention straight away and keep participants involved throughout the session;

How Kosy Improves Ice Breaker Meetings

For a team that works remotely, organizing an ice breaker meeting can be more difficult than it seems. Participants often have to be in the same room for ice breakers to be efficient, as they typically require a specific ambiance and setting to work.

Luckily, today you can accomplish just about anything thanks to the power of technology. With Kosy by your side, your team can participate in fun and engaging ice breaker meetings wherever they’re located. 

Some features of Kosy ice breaker meetings include:

  • Detailed visualization of your office space that you can fully customize to best fit the company’s style and preferences;
  • A natural setting that encourages intuitive and spontaneous encounters between teammates;
  • The genuine connection between the team
  • Plenty of games and other fun activities to choose from.

Start Using Kosy for Ice Breaker Meetings

Creating a successful ice breaker meeting isn’t so simple when you’re working remotely and don’t have access to many online tools and materials – but that’s where Kosy comes in.

With so many Kosy features specifically designed with ice breaker meetings in mind, organizing one should be a piece of cake. Our user-friendly tool will transform how your company does business – and you’ll love it.

The best thing is, now you can try Kosy for free and find out for yourself!

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