Interviews are used for a company to evaluate a candidate looking for a new and exciting role and for a candidate to learn more about the company.


What Is An Interview?

An interview is a structured conversation where an interviewer and interviewee get to explore whether or not a given candidate would be a good fit for a certain role.

It’s typically a one-on-one conversation – but more interviewers can participate in the process.

It’s an essential step in the recruitment and hiring process that helps recruiters and hiring teams define whether a candidate fits the needs of a specific position and the company’s culture.

Why Are Interviews Important for Your Team?

Positive interview experiences tend to increase offer acceptance rates by 38%, so it’s pretty essential to get right. 

Here’s why it’s important for you to do your interviews right:

  1. Find a good candidate - Interviews are crucial to make sure the candidate will be a good fit for your team and the company’s culture overall.
  2. Make good first impressions - Initial conversations with job candidates are perfect for creating excellent first impressions and enticing people to join your team. 
  3. Showcase your company - You can introduce them to how you run things and showcase all the benefits of being a part of your team. 
  4. Gain a competitive edge - You have an opportunity to stand out from other companies, make potential employees fall in love with yours, and supercharge job offer acceptance rates.
  5. Create brand awareness - The best interview experience also creates a lot of brand awareness, which can be helpful for future hires and attracting new customers!

The good news is that virtual interviews can be just as beneficial as their face-to-face counterparts. They can speed up the entire hiring process, trim your costs, and streamline scheduling on both ends.

They’re also more convenient and inclusive, allowing you to expand the talent pool and eliminate in-person interview stress and anxiety.

Kosy can help you turn these many benefits into reality!

How Kosy Improves Your Interviews

Kosy helps you conduct seamless virtual interviews and streamline the entire process of hiring remote team members. 

You can invite teammates from other departments to join and compel potential hires to choose your company over the competition (boo!) 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a memorable experience for new interviewees by interviewing in your OWN virtual office.
  2. Show your style and company culture in the best possible way by branding the space with your own colors, fonts, and vibes. 
  3. Allow team members to pass by and say “hi” to create a sense of familiarity, belonging, and hospitality. 
  4. Present how your company works and interacts virtually by showcasing how the different teams work in different situations.
  5. Show how innovative you are as a company because you’re hosting an interview in the Metaverse (of all places!)

Kosy Can Create an Impression of Having an Office Interview

Remote interviews usually have one drawback: candidates can’t get a feel for your office space and the atmosphere in the team. 

Well, with Kosy, they can! 

You can interview within a virtual office space where people are running around doing their daily tasks – and you can even give your interviewees a tour of the place. 

All that through a free account you can create within minutes!

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