Quick catch-ups

Quick catch-ups are informal meetings. Actually, they’re a rare type of office meeting where “business stuff” is pushed to the side and peers can talk about something personal.

Quick catch-ups

What Are Quick Catch-ups?

Quick catch-ups fall into the category of informal meetings. They’re not limited to just two people, meaning more than two co-workers can have a quick catch-up. 

While most other meetings revolve around talking about “business stuff,” catch-ups are more about “personal stuff.”

Quick catch-ups give you and your teammates an opportunity to talk about private things and discover what each one is up to in their personal lives. There are no rules here. 

You can use quick catch-ups to talk about whatever you want, be it personal or work-related things. 

Why Are Quick Catch-ups Important for Your Team?

Given that catch-up meetings are informal, many people would think they don’t bring many benefits to the table. However, this is not the case. 

Quick catch-ups lead to better team dynamics since you’ll get to know each other on a personal level. It’s a type of meeting that can help build trust within the team – especially if it’s introduced intuitively.

Besides building trust, quick catch-ups can be great for strengthening the relationship between team members. You can use them to learn many things about your co-workers: learn about their personal lives or discover what troubles them most at work.

With quick catch-ups, your work satisfaction will increase, which builds up a supportive culture that’ll attract new talent. While it sounds great, it can still be challenging to do it with a remote team – especially if you’re using traditional conferencing software.

How Kosy Improves Your Remote Catch-ups

The main benefit is that quick catch-ups don't happen normally in Zoom – but now you create a space where they can happen organically.

Kosy can help you have quick catch-ups, even with your remote team members, in a way that is natural, organic and fun. 

If you’re working remotely and your team is using any of the popular video conferencing platforms, quick catch-ups will rarely happen - if ever. It’ll just be too complicated and time-consuming to organize them. They’d be considered a waste of time. 

But with Kosy, the situation is very different.

Kosy has built-in support for quick catch-ups. The key here is context. There are three ways quick catch-ups can be started in Kosy:

  1. Context and status - know what your teammates are up to based on their location and status so you have the right information to start a quick conversation.
  2. Bump into each other - as you move around the office between meetings and areas, you may bump into a teammate and have a quick catch-up.
  3. Lounge around - certain areas are made specifically to foster quick catch-ups. Think of the coffee machine in the physical office – but now virtually! 

In any case, you’ll have access to customization tools to make all spaces warm and welcoming. 

With Kosy’s one-on-one meeting room, nobody can hear what’s going on inside (don’t abuse that, people!)

However, if you choose the lounge, anyone present will be able to hear and participate in the meeting (which they shouldn’t abuse, either!)

If you want quick catch-ups frequently, you can use a social lounge. It’s perfect for quick organic catch-ups. You can even enable automatic topics as convenient ice-breakers. 

Use Kosy For Your Next Quick Catch-up

As pointed out, whichever tool you’re using now just won’t cut it when talking about quick catch-ups. 

But Kosy will.

Check out the paltform and invite your colleagues to give it a shot. Sign up for a free account right now!

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