Strategic Review

A strategic review is a meeting to monitor the progress of a team or company objectives towards a strategic goal. It’s vital to ensure that a team or company is going in the right direction.

Strategic Review

What Is a Strategic Review?

A strategic review is a data-based analysis of a team’s progress toward set goals and objectives. It helps check various strategies’ effectiveness, identify performance gaps, assess potential challenges, and uncover opportunities for improvement.

The best way to drive actionable insights is to conduct an annual or quarterly strategic review. That enables you to compare the company’s strategic projections to historical data and create a benchmark for future strategic planning and change implementation.

You can conduct it at a company level or within departments, taking a top-down communication approach. That’s how executive team leaders can ensure all teams are on the same page.

Why Are Strategic Reviews Important?

Without a proper assessment, you can’t see what has been working and what might need an adjustment. Your plans would lack strategic thinking, and you might pour past-performance projections into the next quarter or year.

That’s no way to guarantee future success.

A strategic review helps you take a step back and analyze all operations to set the course for better performance. It enables you to create a roadmap for improving short-term and long-term strategies for continuous company growth.

A strategic review is also vital for team alignment. It helps keep everyone on the same page, guiding them toward achieving common goals. It’s the key to creating a high-performance mindset and culture of continuous improvement.

How Kosy Improves Your Strategic Reviews

Kosy reinvents strategic reviews for remote teams, enabling everyone to take part and contribute to decision-making. It is an easy-to-use platform which is especially good for remote teams.

1. Create a Focused Space to Conduct an In-Depth Meeting.

Kosy lets you create a virtual space for strategic reviews, customizing it to your objectives and team culture.

2. Build the Space Into Different Areas.

To have a highly collaborative and engaging strategic review, you can build the space into different areas (e.g., breakout rooms, brainstorming, presentation).

3. Ensure Seamless Communication And Collaboration.

Kosy is all about two-way communication and seamless collaboration. Enjoy video chats, screen-sharing, file-sharing, whiteboards, slides, and more to ensure everyone joins in and contributes.

4. Build Trust and Transparency.

Remote teams often feel disconnected and excluded. Kosy brings everyone together, helping them take part in decision-making and feel like a crucial part of the team.

5. Boost Efficiency With Third-Party App Integrations.

Forget about constant switching between apps and inefficient strategic reviews. Connect your favorite apps and enjoy higher efficiency.

6. Additional Benefits 

Kosy doesn’t require any setup, which adds to the overall ease of use. Plus, it has over 10 different tool integration options, whiteboards, screen sharing capabilities, video call options, and more.

Use Kosy for Your Next Strategic Review

Kosy is your go-to virtual office software for assembling your remote team for a strategic review.

Sign up for an account (it’s free!) and turn your strategic reviews into exciting events that your teammates will love!

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