Game Night

Virtual game nights are events in which teammates get together online to play games and have fun. It’s an excellent opportunity for the team to establish better connections and wind down.

Game Night

What Is a Virtual Game Night?

Companies with remote and hybrid teams can still benefit from having regular game nights. The concept of a virtual game night is as old as the Internet itself. 

There are dozens of games that are potentially a perfect fit for game night.

These range from virtual murder mystery parties and a digital scavenger hunt to online board games and virtual werewolves. You can have several of these games in the loop to keep your game nights exciting and fun for everyone.

The Importance of Hosting Virtual Game Nights 

If you want your teammates to be as engaged and happy as possible, team-building activities are the way to go. Game night is one of the most effective team-building activities that enable you to bring some play into the workplace.

Hosting game nights is quite important as it facilitates human connection and team bonding. Fun and simple online games can help you boost morale, reduce stress, encourage teamwork, and even improve cognitive functions.

Organizing game nights isn’t hard – here are some tips on how to do it:

  1. Define a time and place
  2. Excite your guests with a virtual invitation
  3. Decide on a few options for games to play ahead of time
  4. Check that everyone has an account and access rights to your virtual space
  5. Get ready to let people in your virtual space and have fun

How Kosy Improves Virtual Game Nights 

The limits you’ll experience when planning, launching, and managing virtual game nights come from video conferencing platforms. It’s nothing more than a video call, and people have to do things in a makeshift manner.

Kosy is the first end-to-end virtual workspace where you can have your entire team for game nights, and it’s completely free. You can completely customize the looks of the Kosy workspace to make it feel more like home and enjoy relaxed brainstorming sessions. 

Kosy also enables you to launch games directly within Kosy. Not to mention the ability to create custom stations and have people moving from one to another hassle-free.

Start Using Kosy For Virtual Game Nights 

There’s no need to use an entire tech stack to enable game nights for your virtual and hybrid teams. Unlock all benefits virtual game nights can offer using just one platform! 

Sign up for a free Kosy account today!

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