Happy Hour

A virtual happy hour is where teammates unwind and catch up in a casual, stress-free environment. Is your team remote? Host a virtual happy hour!

Happy Hour

What Is a Virtual Happy Hour?

A happy hour is a casual get-together when teams get to know their teammates better, catch up, and unwind in a relaxed, stress-free environment.

It typically includes drinks and snacks like your regular happy hour because that’s the least you and your teammates deserve after a long week at the office.

Working from home? No problem! You can host a virtual happy hour to gather everyone online and make them feel like you’re all in the same room.

Why Is a Virtual Happy Hour Important?

A happy hour is an excellent team-building activity where people can socialize, enjoy a few laughs, and develop positive relationships. Hanging out after work is ideal for letting off some steam after a week at the office, reducing stress, and feeling better.

Office happy hours can increase team member happiness by 66%. You know what that means – higher performance! Research shows happier teammates perform 12% better than their unhappy peers.

Whether in-person or virtual, a happy hour helps teams across departments bond and become more than just teammates – they can become close friends. Friendship is the foundation of a successful company where every task is more fun and exciting.

All of that makes teammates feel more comfortable working with each other, leading to better communication and collaboration.

A happy hour is also an excellent time to celebrate accomplishments and show your teams you appreciate their efforts. Recognizing their hard work with everyone in front of the screen will drive motivation and engagement.

With higher performance, engagement, motivation, and happiness sprouting from these informal meetings, you’ll witness higher team member morale and well-being.

You’ll also attract new team members because who wouldn’t want to join a company that prioritizes work-life balance and supports its people?

How Kosy Improves Your Virtual Happy Hour

If your team is remote or hybrid, gathering everyone for a happy hour may be an impossible mission. That’s where Kosy comes into play.

1. Gather Teammates in a Pleasant Virtual Lounge

Kosy lets you create a virtual lounge and design it to match your unique style and personality. You and your team can hang out in a virtual space that feels like home.

2. Spark Conversations With Ice Breakers or Games

Say goodbye to boring office get-togethers because Kosy offers various discussion topics to use as icebreakers. You can also play games and engage in other fun activities.

3. Build Relationships in a Relaxed Environment

A happy hour in Kosy offers a change of scenery that can inspire meaningful relationships. You can spend time in a cozy environment, enjoy organic catch-ups, and even listen to music.

Use Kosy for Your Next Virtual Happy Hour

Kosy is the perfect virtual office platform for turning every happy hour into an exciting adventure. 

Sign up for a free account, invite your teammates, and enjoy fun-filled virtual happy hours!

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