War room

War room meetings are used for teams to gather to discuss current projects. But don’t let the name fool you; it can still be cozy.

War room

What Is a War Room?

War rooms represent designated areas where team members can develop strategies, resolve complex problems, or simply brainstorm ideas for a current project.

The basic function of war rooms is to have a space where all the information about a specific project or topic will be available at any given time. 

That’s why war rooms can be helpful for any type of project management, whether it’s a high-intensity project, complex project, or one with many people involved. 

Why Is a War Room Important for Your Team?

War rooms help teams reach decisions and solve issues quickly and harmoniously. Let’s look at the key elements of war rooms that make them essential for every company.

1. Access to Information

Have a home base where all the information relevant to a project can be found and accessed easily. No more finding links, shuffling through notes, and trying to remember what’s what.

2. Know When Things Are Going On

Since the room is attached to a single project, you know it’s progressing any time someone’s inside. You can either pop in to get an update on what's going on or simply lurk outside.

3. Easy and Fast Communication

Emails, team chats, and even voice messages won’t be as stimulating and efficient as live verbal communication. War rooms let you communicate directly and effortlessly.

4. Enhanced Teamwork Activities

Teamwork and collaboration on projects won’t only bring team members closer, but also boost motivation and morale. War rooms help you deliver high-quality, reliable, and valuable results.

5. Smooth and Simple Onboarding

Introducing new members to the team or making significant project changes is simpler when everyone’s involved and up-to-date. War rooms are specifically designed for that purpose. 

How Kosy Improves Your War Room

Kosy allows you to create a common space for the entire team where everyone can join in and contribute to the decision-making process.

When you go remote, it can be difficult to establish a war room where everyone can just walk in, have a chinwag, make a suggestion, and get out.

But that’s essential for a war room to work – and Kosy makes it possible. Your war room will act as a home base for all team members, regardless of where you are. 

You can work on different apps and documents, keeping in mind the context and objectives of the project, and find relevant documents as they’re stored safely in the virtual war room.

  1. No more swapping rooms - progress on your project end-to-end in one space.
  2. Goodbye to awkward environments - create a home that feels like your team.
  3. Stop stopping and starting - Engage fluidly before, after, and between meetings.
  4. Easily find your stuff - your documents are easily accessible via Jira and Roadmap.

Create a War Room for your Remote Team in Minutes

If you’re struggling to keep a war room effective and active when operating with a remote team, Kosy’s a great solution to that problem.

Create one with a couple of clicks so everyone on your team is coordinated and in the loop at all times. 

Create a free account by following the link below and get started!

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