A virtual office that brings teams closer together

Kosy is your virtual workplace. With meeting rooms, offices, social lounges... and even a game room. So you and your colleagues can easily pop in for water cooler chats and work remotely together - without emailing dozens of meeting links every day

Kosy Office

Bring back the spontaneity of hallway conversations

When jumping from meeting to meeting, you don't experience the same interactions that you do in physical offices. In Kosy you'll experience more serendipitous encounters.

For example, you can accept a nudge to join a meeting early for pre-meeting chat. Or, between meetings you can bump into colleagues in our "Virtual Hallway"

Add a little variety to your day to day meeting spaces

A Kosy office consists of rooms that vary in both design and function. Why? To encourage different types of interactions.

Pop by the Game Room to launch Pictionary, the Social Room for a quick chat, the Library for some focus time, or the Idea Room for a productive whiteboard session.

Launch your favorite apps in Kosy (10+ apps and increasing!)

When you and your team are seated around a Kosy table, you can launch an app (like Miro) and all collaborate together without leaving Kosy. You'll continue to see your team's video around the table as you interact with the app.

When you are feeling like blowing off some steam, you can also pick from a selection of games, launch a group meditation, or watch a youtube video together.

Avoid the fatigue of constant back-to-back video calls

Somehow we've all defaulted to sending meeting invites for everything. In Kosy you can avoid organising unnecessary meetings by quickly tapping someone on the shoulder to ask a question. Or you can invite them to join you in one click.

You won't be doubting if someone is truly available as you'll have WAY more context on their status (e.g., what room they are in, who they are chatting with, what game they are playing). We call this "contextual status".

Design your own corner office (and more!) using our office designer

Our drag-and-drop office designer makes it easy to customise the look and feel of your office. You can add and remove floors, rooms, and tables as well as modify colours and add props. Oh, and you can  build yourself that corner office you've always wanted.

Kosy brings back camaraderie to remote teams

In Kosy you'll get to know colleagues outside of the typical meeting context. How? Through our curated rituals that encourage your team to spend time in Kosy together (like Daily Stand-ups, or Game Night).

No more awkward "who's next?" In Kosy, teams share their status updates by simply going clockwise around the table. Move to another room after the stand-up for follow-on chats.

Kosy's co-working slots recreate the feeling of a team room with background audio / video. Want to crack a joke or ask a question? Just push to talk!

Don't enjoy awkward virtual happy hours? Pop by the social lounge for quick, organic meet-ups. You can also schedule social get-togethers during specific time slots.


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