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Kosy Joins Forces with Kumospace

Kosy Office has been acquired by Kumospace through a strategic acquisition to accelerate growth | Kosy Office

How To Make Virtual Meetings Fun: 29 Creative Ideas

Here are 29 ways to make virtual meetings fun for your remote team. Check out this guide for creative and impactful virtual meeting ideas that will help your team stay motivated and aligned.

14 Strategic Virtual Office Benefits For Remote Teams

The benefits of a virtual office range from increased productivity to cost savings and a more satisfied workforce. The right virtual office tool can help you build a strong company culture and increase your bottom line.

How To Get Started: Your Team's First Week Guide In Kosy

Get the most out of your first week in Kosy by following these tips on how to nurture company culture, build trust, and have fun!

9 Brilliant Virtual Office Template Designs To Get You Inspired

Looking for inspiration for your virtual office? Check out these unique Kosy office templates to see what you can do to bring your virtual space to a whole new level.

How To Successfully Communicate With And Manage Virtual Teams

To achieve success in a project, a virtual team must be able to communicate openly, and comfortably. In order to do so, there are a few tips to follow to best manage your virtual team.

How To Design A Winning Virtual Office Space

As the traditional office space is becoming increasingly replaced by more flexible, remote working models, progressively more companies are starting to wonder how to design their own virtual office.

How To Create A Collaborative Workspace In The Modern Era

A collaborative workspace goes beyond just a desk and chair. It's a space where employees can collaborate and share ideas, work on projects, and take breaks. Learn how to create a collaborative workspace that meets the needs of your team.

Announcing our pricing plan

The time has finally come to introduce our pricing plans for Kosy. We've decided to go with a simple and straightforward pricing model: a free tier and a pro tier.

36 Fool-Proof Virtual Team-Building Activities For Remote Teams

As more and more companies shift toward remote work, it's important to find virtual team-building activities that can help strengthen communication and trust among team members who may not have the opportunity to interact in person on a regular basis.

How to Ace Cross-Team Collaboration in Distributed Teams

Cross-team collaboration isn’t easy under normal conditions. In distributed teams, it can be even harder. But it’s not impossible.

How to Master Team Collaboration as a Remote Startup

Running a startup isn’t easy. And running a remote startup is even harder. To win, you need first-class team collaboration.