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How To Create A Collaborative Workspace In The Modern Era

A collaborative workspace goes beyond just a desk and chair. It's a space where employees can collaborate and share ideas, work on projects, and take breaks. Learn how to create a collaborative workspace that meets the needs of your team.

Announcing our pricing plan

The time has finally come to introduce our pricing plans for Kosy. We've decided to go with a simple and straightforward pricing model: a free tier and a pro tier.

36 Fool-Proof Virtual Team-Building Activities For Remote Teams

As more and more companies shift toward remote work, it's important to find virtual team-building activities that can help strengthen communication and trust among team members who may not have the opportunity to interact in person on a regular basis.

How to Ace Cross-Team Collaboration in Distributed Teams

Cross-team collaboration isn’t easy under normal conditions. In distributed teams, it can be even harder. But it’s not impossible.

How to Master Team Collaboration as a Remote Startup

Running a startup isn’t easy. And running a remote startup is even harder. To win, you need first-class team collaboration.

15 Tips for Remote Work That Will Improve Your Performance

Started working remotely? Is performance lacking? Here are 15 tips for remote work that will skyrocket your performance.

Remote Work Tips for 2022: How to Start a Full-Remote Team the Right Way

You want to start a full-remote team the right way? Just read these remote work tips from Kosy.

What is the Right Level of Asynchronous vs Synchronous Work for Team collaboration?

Want to take team collaboration to the next level? You need to know about asynchronous work and synchronous work.

Will Remote Work Be the New Normal? What Will Happen to the Physical Office?

Will remote work be the new normal and make the millions of square feet of physical offices already built obsolete? What will happen to physical offices in remote-first companies?

Future of Remote Work: Will Zoom Survive the Shift to the Metaverse

Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing platforms. What does the future of remote work look like? Will Zoom survive the shift to the Metaverse or will it need to reinvent itself?

Will Slack Survive the Shift to Metaverse?

With 10 million users Slack is the most popular business platform. But will it survive the shift to the Metaverse?

My Virtual Workplace of the Future: What Will a Work Day Look Like in the Metaverse

Wonder what my virtual workplace will look like? Kosy shows you what will a workday look like in the Metaverse.