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A startup is a new and innovative business, usually growing fast. They differ from other newly started businesses by focusing on speed, growth, and disruption.

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Learn How Startups Use a Virtual Office | Kosy

Startups are the fuel of innovation

A startup aims to bring a new product or service to market. In the early days, the team is usually relatively small and scrappy. A handful of people are responsible for the development, management, sales, marketing, operations, and everything in between.

Not every newly-founded company is a startup. Since growth is the main factor for startups, these are companies designed to grow and evolve quickly. 

Nevertheless, startups don’t have to define any goal or aim they want to achieve. Everything that happens is simply the result of growth. Speed of decision making is key for a startup to differentiate itself.

How has remote work helped startups move even faster

When startups work in physical offices, it’s easy to share information, gather feedback, and iterate from received feedback to improve a product or service. Sharing information in all directions is easy when all team members are in a shared space. 

However, with the rise of remote work, many startup teams started to experience some changes in the process of securing growth. Getting started and maintaining the desired speed levels are extremely difficult to achieve with remote teams.

Other common issues startup teams face include:

  • Moving fast to meet targets and please investors;
  • Gathering feedback and iterating fast enough on your product;
  • Being able to be informed of information going in all directions;
  • Productivity, motivation, and mental health;
  • Online meeting fatigue;

Back in the era of the physical office, it was easy for all that information to be shared. But in the remote era, silos make it extremely hard for startups to be successful. 

Which Kind of Virtual Meeting Type Can Benefit Startup Teams?

Remote startup teams must constantly communicate to ensure they’re on the right path to growth and success. Achieving that is next to impossible if the team doesn’t have a remote solution for centralized communication.

Luckily, with a virtual HQ, startup teams can benefit from numerous meeting types to ensure everyone is well-informed and on the same page, including:

  • Daily stand-ups - review the previous day’s work and brief each other on the day ahead;
  • Coworking - work together in a shared space so you can easily reach out to each other for advice;
  • Strategic reviews - analyze your current results and see how you can improve your workflow;
  • War rooms - discuss individual projects, keep track of your progress, and make headway;
  • Brainstorm meetings - get your creative juices flowing and generate ideas for new projects;
  • Team building - get to know each other better and build stronger bonds as a team.

How Kosy Helps Facilitates Virtual Meetings for Startups

If you’re a member of a startup team, you’re probably already using tools like Slack, Zoom, and Hangouts. But a virtual office platform like Kosy provides you with a whole host of useful features that’ll speed up your workflow. 

With Kosy, you can expect:

  • Near-natural environments - re-create a virtual version of your dream office;
  • Seamless communication - chat to your teammates spontaneously;
  • Third-party app integration - use all your favorite apps when you need them;
  • Improved collaboration - use whiteboards, share screens, and track performance.

Use Kosy for Your Startup’s Virtual Meetings

With Kosy’s virtual meetings, your startup can experience streamlined and efficient communication, which is a necessity for the startup’s continuous growth. 

To get the most out of your Kosy office, you can also:

  • Facilitate team-wide meetings;
  • Create a personalized virtual office environment;
  • Enable live and spontaneous conversations and idea exchanges remotely.

Sounds like something your startup team could use? Try Kosy out (hint: it’s completely free), watch your team improve and your startup grow. 

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