Use cases

Learn from a variety of use cases helping remote teams work better daily.


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Strategic Review

A strategic review is a meeting to monitor the progress of a team or company objectives towards a strategic goal. It’s vital to ensure that a team or company is going in the right direction.


Project room

Use Kosy to create a centralized project room for your remote team to meet and collaborate efficiently on tasks. Bring all the pieces of your project into one space with our virtual office software.



A retro (or retrospective) meeting occurs after a completed project. It’s an excellent opportunity to look at the project again and determine what could be improved in the future.



Workshops are interactive meetings focused on a specific topic where all team members are expected to participate and contribute to the expected outcome.


War room

War room meetings gather key team members together in order to tackle a challenging problem or project.



A sprint meeting is a short work effort when a Scrum team works to complete a set amount of tasks in a limited period of time.



Ideation meetings help teams come up with novel ideas for a specific problem. That means creating a zone where ideas, no matter how out there, can be thrown around and analyzed.



A brainstorming session requires a group of people to put their heads together. The goal is to come up with as many ideas as possible to find the best way to solve a given problem.


Team meeting

Team meetings are prescheduled and everyone’s briefed on the topics in advance. They improve collaboration and productivity so each project runs smoothly and on time.


Daily Stand-up

Daily stand-ups help identify any potential problems, challenges, and opportunities for improvement to be addressed in a remote team